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9611Re: [ZoCal] RE: Anaheim 2014

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  • Lindley Ruddick
    Jan 17, 2014
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      Converting the great unwashed mass, one at a time.

      On Jan 17, 2014, at 5:33 PM, <billhko@...> wrote:


      At the Del Mar show I had a guy who claimed to be the main man for DCC with his HO modular club.  He was incredulous that you guys could install DCC in Z.  He could not believe that drop in Z scale decoders were sold or even manufactured. Then at the Anaheim show I had a guy who thought that operating Z scale trains at snail speed was amazing but he then said "of course you could never get DCC in Z".

      I suppose that my little display layout should be operated with DCC.  For a long time my goal at the shows was to entice new model railroaders to start with Z.  Now I think that my real goal should be to convert established model railroaders to add Z as a model RR that they can play with until the time comes that they have enough space for that "dream layout".  Eventually they will realize that only through Z could they ever come close to a "dream layout".

      There is a lot of education to be done.  


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