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9605Anaheim 2014

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  • Brian Pon
    Jan 15, 2014
      Something else we should consider, running trains with JMRI. As I was running trains on Saturday, it seemed like the question most asked, was how we were controlling the trains, from our smartphones? I lost count after about a dozen different folks asked this question. In fact, this question was asked more times, than about the trains we were running. It doesn't make a difference if we run it off of a laptop, netbook, or BeagleBone Black(I don't think we were though); but it is something the Z community might want to seriously consider. Most groups are running some sort of DCC controller, either wired or wireless, that looks like a large brick, with lots of buttons on it. But we were running WiiThrottle/JMRI, and it was being noticed. And, it doesn't eat up your smartphone's battery like most other apps do.

      Brian K Pon
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