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9602Sunday 1-13-14 GTE report

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  • elruddick
    Jan 14, 2014

      Wow, what a day on Sunday! I am sure we had the largest turnout of ZoCalistas on record! I have probably unintentionally overlooked someone but I remember seeing Don, David L., David D., Dan, John, Steve, Mike, Jeff, Deanna, Bill, Raymond, Henri, Brian, Richard, Chris and a couple of “visitors” Charles(?) and Roger(?). The viewing public numbers were down a bit from Saturday but the crowd was still very good. In walking around the vendor area, it was obvious that their supply of merchandise was considerably lower than it was on Friday.

      We pretty much ran the same ol', same ol' trains and layouts all day but with the number of operators there was never a time when we did not have multiple trains running. I did not run much as I was doing my thing of playing paparazzi taking photos of families. I was always sure to include some trains in the photos. It was also interesting to talk with folks who remembered us from past shows. Maybe we are getting a following - roadies maybe but no groupies.

      By the 4PM closing time, most of us were tired and hoarse but we still had the task of packing up. Everyone pitched in (sure am glad we had plenty of help) so we were packed up by about 5:30PM.

      A great weekend for all.

      The next show hopefully will be at the Fullerton Railroad Days (or whatever they call it now) during first week end in May followed by the Ontario Big Train Show the last week end in May.