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Re: Looking for non-tech unmarked trails

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  • Courtney
    Thanks for the report, Jeff. I visited that same arch some time back. It was rather large, and quite impressive up close! Headed to the summit after that.
    Message 1 of 31 , Dec 1 6:55 AM
      Thanks for the report, Jeff. I visited that same arch some time
      back. It was rather large, and quite impressive up close! Headed
      to the summit after that.


      --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "jeff branin"
      <jb838@...> wrote:
      > On 11/19, I went back to try to get a closer look at the arch high
      > on the mesa (6537X) just west of Checkerboard. I parked about two
      > miles in from the east side ranger station where Clear Creek
      begins a
      > 180 narrows section.
      > The hike in Clear Creek lasts but a few yards. A mile of
      > the prominent N/S drainage gains access to the pass just west and
      > below 6537X. Trying to stay on relatively level ground I was able
      > circle around a descending ridge and gain access to the drainage
      > thats drops down the back (south) side of the mesa. The hike to
      > point is class 1. Going up the drainage, the difficulty of
      > increases. Brush is not a problem. Just loose rock and steep
      > grade. At the very top of the drainage the difficulty rises
      > occasionally to class 3 although airy exposure is not a concern.
      > the saddle on top, the arch can be reached by turning to the right
      > and hiking slightly up hill another 150 yards.
      > Nearly directly above the arch is a section of cliff wall that
      > contains small ledges and handholds that will permit a short 12 to
      > foot climb thru the last barrier to the main mesa top. Probably
      > 4+. Short section of rope and/or spotter might come in handy
      > Strictly class 1 to wander about the smaller area of 6537X.
      > I posted a couple photos of this arch under "Mesa west of
      > checkerboard mesa" in the Photos section. Note that this mesa
      > has at least one other arch which can be viewed up close over on
      > east side adjacent to the Checkerboard Mesa/P-weap Cyn trail.
      > --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "jeff branin"
      > <jb838@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Alright, here's the hike i did the day after Courtney and
      > did
      > > me in. Drove up East Rt 9 to just before Checkerboard Mesa.
      > > on the north side of the road and began hiking the drainage
      > > between Checkerboard and the mesa to the west. About a mile
      > upstream
      > > and just before beginning the ascent to the pass between the
      > a
      > > drainage comes in from the west. I hiked up the slickrock
      > > the two drainages and visited an arch just below the (not
      > > Checkerboard) mesa cliffwall.
      > >
      > > I returned, hiked up to the pass and headed south, actually
      > If
      > > you refer to your Springdale East topo , I can report that i
      > traveled
      > > near the 6000 contour line and then up than little bitty circle
      > about
      > > 3/4s of an inch below the 6.
      > >
      > > This, in all seriousness, was my Courtney-inspired moment of the
      > day.
      > > I made it to the summit. Granted it wasn't much of a summit.
      > Couple
      > > hundred feet rise, class one ascent, although there was a bit of
      > > dull knife edge ridge. No register on top, just one deer
      > > Nice views, though. I dubbed it G-Z. From the top of this
      > I
      > > descended in a northwesternly direction so as to pass thru the
      > > between the mesa west of Checkerboard; actually between
      > > X6537 and the smaller prominence just to the west. There is a
      > > used trail (deer and human) thru the gap. Continuing thru the
      > > and easily down drainage northwards towards Rt 9, I looked back
      > > observed a sizable arch above the third drainage, counting west
      > > east. I tried to climb up to the arch. No go. Even if I had
      > the
      > > Exum Ridges(back in the car), I still couldn't have reached the
      > arch
      > > due to pouroffs/cliffs. Perhaps there is a route from the
      > back/south
      > > side? I continued on down the drainage to Clear Creek, passed
      > under
      > > Rt 9 and then exited Clear Creek back to car. Relatively short
      > hike,
      > > but lots to see and visit. I'll try and post photos. jeff
      > >
      > >
      > > a hike --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "Bo"
      > > <bbeck@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Thanks Win! You too have provided Tanya and I with a lot of
      > > > information to make for some great hikes/outings a reality as
      > well!
      > > I
      > > > have looked for you and that beautiful wife of yours at Oscars
      > the
      > > > past 3 sundays (but 6am is too early)! I will be heading to
      > > park
      > > > at 7am this saturday for my monthly thing, and will look again!
      > >
      > > > Bo
      > > > --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, NJedge@
      > > > Bo and Tanya have an excellent resource, it will really help
      > > > Zion and there abouts. My only suggestion would be to try all
      > > > drainages along the East side. We have hiked quite a few and
      > there
      > > > are no losers. Their site has Checkerboard Arch and Two Pines
      > Arch,
      > > > both a lot of fun.
      > > > >
      > > > > Win
      > >
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    • jeff branin
      Good ol 6537X. I suppose that outlier would have to be considered part of Crazy Quilt Mesa although it s probably a couple hundred lower than the true mesa
      Message 31 of 31 , Dec 2 7:47 PM
        Good ol' 6537X. I suppose that outlier would have to be considered
        part of Crazy Quilt Mesa although it's probably a couple hundred
        lower than the true mesa top. Online, I could only find the ZNP
        regulations referring to the mesa as Crazy Quilt. Ron Kay in his
        guide simply refers to the mesa as Quilt. And from a local hiking
        group's schedule:

        March 31, 2007 Quilt Mesa to Checkerboard Mesa. Meet at the BLM at
        8:30 am or the Chevron station in La Verkin at 9:00 am. A trailless
        hike on the eastern side of Zion, exploring Quilt Mesa, south of
        Checkerboard, and circling around to the peerless views of

        I suppose if you're just gonna hike around the base, it's Quilt Mesa;
        if you're gonna climb up, it's Crazy Quilt Mesa. Whatever, it's a
        great day spent.

        --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "JoeB" <joe@...>
        > Hey Jeff - Ha ha, yes, that hike is a fun one and the silly name
        > seems appropriate. About the "P" -- I was trying to be subtle, but
        > may have been a bit too obscure. I'm glad you got it... :) You have
        > me now wanting to explore up the 6537x drainage the next time I'm
        > back... -Joe
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