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Re: Need help planning Backpack trip - April 2008

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  • JoeB
    A few of the issues that Tom illudes to... I know you know this but mid-April is a very unpredictible time for the West Rim Trail depending on what the snow
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 13, 2008
      A few of the issues that Tom illudes to...

      I know you know this but mid-April is a very unpredictible time for
      the West Rim Trail depending on what the snow levels and melt-off are
      like. Getting a shuttle (private?) to pick you up at Lava Point would
      be a challenge. Better to have a private shuttle drop you off and
      then you hike back into "civilization" and end in the main canyon.

      Assuming that weather is not an issue though, I suggest breaking your
      hike into two separate backpacking hikes.

      1. West Rim from Lava Point to the Grotto. Get a private shuttle (or
      car-spot) to Lava Point (again assuming that snow is not an issue
      which it probably will be) and hike down the West Rim as a leisurely
      two-day hike. And of course hit Angels Landing before your final
      descent in to the main canyon.

      2. East Rim from the East Entrance to Weeping Rock. Get a private
      shuttle (or car-spot) to the East Entrance. Some may poo-poo the East
      Rim Trail :), but after ignoring it for a decade, my father and I
      returned to it last year and really enjoyed it!

      The East Rim is a day hike, but if you add the side trips to both
      Cable Mountain and Deertrap Mountain, you can turn this into an
      enjoyable leisurely 2-day hike. There are no designated campsites,
      but you can camp with a permit -- I think the requirements are that
      you are well out of site of the trail and away from Stave Spring.
      (Somebody jump in if I am incorrect!) Day two is a leisurely hike
      down into the main canyon. The "trail" through Echo is pretty rough,
      so you may be glad to not be going up it with backpacking gear.

      Again, weather and snow meltoff will play a huge part in determining
      whether or not this is an enjoyable idea or not. Definitely check the
      backcountry desk for conditions before your hike. -Joe

      --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "scott.berkel"
      <scott.berkel@...> wrote:
      > I am planning a trip in mid-April, and I have Friday afternoon from
      > around 2pm through Tuesday morning available (although Tuesday
      > I'll have to be back in the truck by 9am to get to my next
      location, so
      > I may have to be out of the park and in a hotel (yuck) Monday night.
      > Thinking about tying the West Rim down through East rim back up in
      > trip, but cannot find camp locations and determine timing. Not to
      > mention the unpredictability of the weather in April and the Lava
      > road.
      > If it can be done, I'm thinking 3-4 hours in on Friday from Lava
      > Take my time to get to the west rim and Angel's landing on
      > Down the west rim and up to the east rim on Sunday (ouch! - is this
      > even doable?), and Monday get to the East entrance and catch a
      > back up to Lava Point? Can it be done?
      > Are there specific campsite locations in this section that you have
      > to "reserve" with the ranger station on the backcountry permit like
      > had to in the Kolob section?
      > Any help would be great!
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