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Canyoneering USA Poster photo contest

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  • Tom Jones
    I want to produce a poster, unfortunately a little too late for Christmas, but... I d like to open up submissions to everyone, so I ve decided to have a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2007
      I want to produce a poster, unfortunately a little too late for
      Christmas, but... I'd like to open up submissions to everyone, so
      I've decided to have a contest:

      1. The theme is "Water, water everywhere".
      2. The context is technical canyoneering.
      3. Submissions are limited to 3 pictures per person. Submitter must
      own the rights to the picture. (Tom may allow certain persons to
      submit more than 3 pictures, but no more than 3 images from one
      person will be selected as semi-finalists).
      4. Winner will be used for one printing of a poster for Canyoneering
      USA. Submitter will be paid US$ 200.00 as a prize and for use of
      the image for the poster (and related sales activity).
      5. Four runner-ups will be awarded a US$ 50.00 gift certificate at
      Canyoneering USA.
      6. Tom will select 15-20 semi-finalists and put them up for a vote
      on the Canyons Yahoo Group. Tom reserves the right to select more
      or less semi-finalists.
      7. Tom will select the winner from the top five vote getters.
      Decision is final.
      8. Image must be available in a 2000 x 3000 minimum original pixel
      size (or film equivalent). Do not submit images for which
      a "printable" size image is not available. Model releases from
      recognizable persons are required.
      9. Submission: email your best jpeg, longest side 900 pixels, file
      size no larger than 600kb to CanyoneeringUSA@... along with a
      caption, location, photographer's name, etc. Semi-finalists will
      need to submit a printable version for verification before being
      listed for voting.
      10. Recognizable Imlay Canyon Gear equipment in the photo scores
      brownie points with me, but is not required.
      11. All persons in the pictures participating in technical
      canyoneering must be wearing a helmet on their head.
      12. No illegal activities may be pictured.
      13. Submission deadline is Midnight Monday November 26th, in Mt
      Carmel UT. Voting will take place from Nov 30th to Dec 7th. Final
      winners announced Dec 10th or so.

      Thanks in advance for all those participating, as photographer,
      model, voter or heckler!

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