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Finding Hiking Partners (was: My Hiking Spirit)

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  • Janette
    Thanks! The challenge is trying to get people (women) interested enough in hiking (let alone walking). Any suggestions You might try joining the Women s
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 1, 2006
      "Thanks! The challenge is trying to get people (women) interested
      enough in hiking (let alone walking). Any suggestions"

      You might try joining the Women's Hiking Yahoo group
      Post an intro with your location and hiking experience/desires and
      see if you get any contacts.

      I have the same problem here in FL getting hiking partners,
      especially other women to hike with. Not that I object to male
      hiking company, but the initial thought of meeting someone that you
      have only spoken to online is easier to deal with with another
      female. I'm also a fairly slow hiker and have short legs, so find
      that most males hike much faster than my comfort level. Any male
      partners I hike with is usually a result of meeting someone either
      on hike, or other venues and discovering common hiking interest. A
      short test hike is almost always essential with any on-line
      potential partner, just to discover compatibility. I wouldn't want
      to commit to a weekend long backpack with someone I hadn't met
      before - male or female.

      Also, look for a local hiking group, even if their usual hikes don't
      suit your taste, join them anyway and take an occasional short hike
      with them. It's a great way to meet contacts. I joined a group
      whose only close-by hike is a 5 mile exercise walk in a local park
      on Sunday mornings. It's generally a group of older women, and not
      really my hiking style, but I have met a couple of women my age and
      hiking style who I have talked with about longer hikes. Best of
      all, I got lots of contacts through this group to other groups,
      particularly one that backpacks frequently. I recently joined them
      for a 20+ mile 2 day backpack in the Big Cypress Swamp
      http://www.flashworth.com/hike06/hike06jan.htm - a great weekend,
      and couple more great contacts for more adventures!

      Of course the biggest problem here in FL once you have the partners
      is where to hike. I've committed to tackling the FL trail (
      http://floridatrail.org/ ) piece by piece on weekends. I'm doing
      another section this weekend with a woman I met from the Yahoo
      Women's Hiker group. My preference though would be for some desert,
      mountains and more dramatic scenery than FL has to offer. CO and AZ
      have been my destination for the past couple of years, and I've been
      flying over for the occasional hiking trip (
      http://www.flashworth.com/az/feb06.htm ) From all I've read here
      Zion is next on my list, probably for a week early this summer. No
      firm dates yet as vacation is dependent on my work schedule. If I
      get my big spring project rolled out on time and smoothly it will be
      late May or early July, otherwise it will have to wait till next

      If I can't find anyone to hike with, I'm comfortable hiking solo. I
      don't pass up opportunities for great hikes/backpacks just from lack
      of someone to hike with. I have an agreement with my otherwise
      wonderful, but non-hiking partner, that I stay within whistle
      distance of a major trail if I'm out solo. For day long hikes and
      shorter trips that's not such a big issue, but for longer backpack
      trip I prefer a partner so we can get further out in the wilderness
      and off trail.

      Just get out and meet people, try small hikes with them, etc.
      Eventually maybe we'll all find a "Tanya's perfect partner"!

      HUGS - Janette
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