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51254RE: Bicyclist Seriously Injured after Eight Attempt to Illegally Bicycle Through Zion Tunnel

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  • cgptsnaz
    Feb 27, 2014
      I actually had a couple cyclists who stayed with me last summer who had waited until 1 am one morning and then cycled through the tunnel with head lights and taillights and said they met or had no traffic during that time. They were cycling cross country of the USA and didn't want to hitch a ride through the tunnel to break their pattern of riding bikes all the way.
      In Alaska in 2006 I cycled across the state and in one place there was a mile long tunnel through a cliff that had no stop for either end and one even in a car had to be just cautious as the tunnel was also used for the local Alaskan Railroad servicing the town of Whittier AK. And the train had no real schedule because it traveled depending on the passenger and local needs daily. It was a dangerous ride venturing through on my bike. Luckily I met no traffic or train.
      And in Wisconsin one year that I bicycled to New York from Wyoming in 1983 I rode a mile through a old railroad tunnel along a 64 mile route that was a Rails to Trails bicycle path. The route went through a mile long tunnel but being it was only used by cyclists and hikers/runners in the summer there was no need to be alarmed. The acoustics in the tunnel were so good that a person could stand on either end and talk normally and hear the other person on each end like standing next to each other plus an echo.

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