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51240RE: Parunaweap

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  • cgptsnaz
    Feb 23, 2014
      Nice trip report. Was that your first ever trip down the Parunuweap? I like it and have done it many times in 2005-06 and last summer in May.  Bay Bill and Merwin Canyons are interesting with a nice narrow slot in upper Bay Bill.  Mineral Canyon is one of my favorite with its stretch of narrows, saw a Big Horn Ram up in there in 2006. And I have hiked down from highway 9 through both Miners and Meadow Canyons into Mineral.
      There's a nice hike down into Poverty from highway 9 near the Buffalo Ranch and Indian Knoll. A side trip on that road takes you to a high dry waterfall along a side wash.
      Then there is the side canyon with the large cave in it I don't remember the canyons name but it was a huge Cottonwood tree in it before the cave.
      So did you come out the Checkerboard Mesa Pass route back into East Zion?
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