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51225RE: Base Jumping Fatality in Zion (Mt. Kinesava)

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  • cgptsnaz
    Feb 13, 2014
      Kind of hard to cite someone for base jumping when they didn't survive the jump? Base jumpers will always try to base jump no matter the risks or fines. I speak from experience when I was cited 3 times in 10 years (after backpacking permits  were first introduced with a price tag) for hiking with out a permit and those 3 times were not the only times I hiked without one. I actually hiked about 50 times without permits in parks where they were supposed to be used.
      Reason you may ask? Because I did not figure my budget for an extra $160 a month just for the cost of a permit, when I was backpacking 90-180 days a year between Labor Day and Memorial Day every year since 1980. I only budgeted to food and minor gear repairs or about $1800 for 9 months. Would have cost me an extra $1440. Being I only worked 3 months a year on average I could/would not save enough to hike in national parks, plus pay rent while working.
      Don't mean to get off the subject but just explaining my reasoning. In late April I am leaving my job to go backpacking and bicycle touring for 13 months and not working again until June 2015. I have worked since mid April 2013 and by this April will have saved enough to live on for that year and a month.
      No national parks this time, only wilderness areas where no permits are required. Just food/gear repair expenses at about $300 a month.
      In the last 37 years since June 1977 I have only worked about 14 years all together at various jobs an average of 4.5 months a year.
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