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48292Re: Pictures- May 2004

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  • Joe Braun
    Jul 1, 2010
      > Joe, which route do you and your wife do, and how did she find it (not that your wife and mine are the same, I've never met yours, but both are probably a tad more cautious than you and I :)

      Ram probably said it all. You'll get a great view of your targets when standing at the end of the Northgate Peaks trail.

      My wife's opinion on East NGP: Looked intimidating from the bottom, but there's practically a trail up to the top; was anticipating a scary section that never came. We were on the top before we realized it.

      For our route up West NGP, we simply started at the base of the north side and following our noses up the path of least resistance. It was pretty easy to find our way up and down without doing much thinking, but we marked the spot where we reached the top for our return back down.

      My wife's opinion on West NGP: Looking at it from the Northgate Peaks Trail was very intimidating, but she was willing to give it a go (especially after making it to the top of East). Standing at the northern base was actually less intimidating, because it was easy to see the way. 2/3rds of the way up, she started to reach her threshold, but a little reassuring and me giving her a run of webbing to hold onto got her to the top. This wasn't really climbing; it was more like baby-crawling. No special moves required, just staying close to the rock. -Joe
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