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  • bomabro84738
    Jan 2, 2009
      Holler when you may be coming out? If at all possible I'd love the
      opportunity to join you!? Tanya and I followed Upper Red Wash up for
      maybe 1-2 miles toward the Elkhart Cliffs maybe 3 years ago, but
      never went up to the rim. If I can I'd love to give it another shot
      with you?


      --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "Clayton Palmer"
      <garyclaytonpalmer@...> wrote:
      > I usually went across behind the Sousa'a land up the ridge and
      > followed the 4 wheeler tracks to just above upper sand wash's
      > entrance to the slot. The lower one I went to by crossing near Ed's
      > place and taking another 4 wheeler track to near the mouth of lower
      > sand wash slot.
      > I was asking because I want to come out next spring for a couple
      > weeks and try again to get to the higher reaches below Elkheart
      > and the main drainage to the east. I have attempted it once but in
      > order to follow the east drainage one has to drop into the upper
      > wash above the slots and would require a rope to climb back out.
      > Thanks for the access to the maps you have tho.--- In
      > Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "bomabro84738"
      > <bbeck@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Gary, I (Tanya) got a map from the records office in Kanab a
      > couple
      > > years ago as we were looking to update our directions for both
      > Lower
      > > and Upper Red Cave Hikes (Sand Washes on USGS 7.5 Maps). It seems
      > that
      > > there was no way to access either without crossing private
      > holdings.
      > > The Sorensons and Taits are the majority landholders along with
      > Tanyas
      > > family whether approaching from the south, west or north. The
      > easiest
      > > access to both washes is probably done by getting permission from
      > Del
      > > Tait in Mt. Carmel, and taking Tait Lane across the East Fork,
      > > bypassing the leased aggregate/equipment lot, steering north up
      > the
      > > hillside then east and finally southeast dropping into Upper Sand
      > Wash.
      > > A fair chunk uf Lower Sand Wash is held by Sorenson and
      > occasionally
      > > has a ditch dug across to prevent travel east to the mouth of
      > > Lower "Cave" but the county and state has asked that this not be
      > done.
      > > The BLM has been working on trying to establish easement across
      > private
      > > holdings to access BLM lands that encompass both Upper and Lower
      > Sand
      > > Washes all the way to the white cliffs of the Grand Staircase/
      > > Escalante NM. I think if you talk to Del Tait it should not
      > present any
      > > problem for you to access the Washes from Mt. Carmel.
      > >
      > > Here is a link to Tanyas and my website along with a map and
      > > instructions for permission to access. I'm sure that you are
      > already
      > > aware of the entire area Gary (much more than I) but I thought
      > give
      > > an explanation for other interested parties as well!
      > >
      > > http://www.zionnational-park.com/zion-red-cave.htm
      > >
      > > Happy New Year to you Gary! Sounds like a fun festivity going on
      > up in
      > > Jackson!
      > >
      > > Bo
      > >
      > > --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "Clayton
      > > <garyclaytonpalmer@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Do you know who owns the land in upper Sand Wash upstream from
      > Red
      > > > Cave where the wash starts near the White Cliffs and Glendale
      > Bench.
      > > > ? Is it National Forest or private land.
      > > >
      > >
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