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  • Bo
    Jan 18, 2008
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      Hi Kevin,
      I e-mailed you and gave you my e-mail address here at my workplace.
      Let me know what I might be able to do for you?

      --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "D. Kevin Hansen"
      <kevin_likes_to_climb_much@...> wrote:
      > Bo can you send me an email when you have a minute?
      > Kevin Hansen
      > To: Zion_National_Park_Hiking@...: bomabro84738@...: Fri, 18 Jan
      2008 14:17:33 +0000Subject: [Zion_National_Park_Hiking] Re: Homepage
      > Yes Henk, Wire Pass whether hiking to Buckskin Gulch or to North
      Coyote Buttes Special Permit Area are "Fee" areas. There is a
      register box just off the road and parking area that allows you to
      register for day use in Wire Pass/Buckskin "Paria Canyon/Vermillion
      Cliffs Wilderness" for $5. No overnight permits though; those have
      to be acquired online or at either the Paria Contact Station or at
      Kanab BLM Field office. Permits for the "Wave" (North Coyote Buttes
      Special Permit Area) are much different though as you know.From the
      information I recieved, Steamboat Rock and Cobra Arch are not within
      permit/fee areas? I need to call and see if this has changed since
      our last outing.Thanks Henk.Bo--- In
      Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, Henk <henk.auwema@>
      wrote:>> > Bo,> > the only thing I see that is different is that I
      hiked in from wirepass.> Probably that lies in the permit fee area.
      I went to the ranger> station next day and they told me it was in
      the fee area.> I'm talking about may 2007.> > Henk> > Bo wrote:> > >
      Henk, when we hiked both Steamboat Rock and Cobra Arch I made sure
      to> > call BLM (St. George and Kanab) and ask if a permit was
      needed. Both> > times the answer was no.> >> > We had to access
      Steamboat Rock through the South Coyote Buttes> > Special Permit
      Area gate and were told as long as we turned right and> > away from
      Cottonwood Springs and the South Teepees that we would not> > need a
      permit.> >> > There is a register box at the trailhead for Cobra
      Arch and it has> > nothing written about needing a permit.> >> > I
      guess that it would be best to call BLM at Kanab Field Office prior>
      > to heading out to either of these places, as I know that rules
      can> > change?> >> > Bo> > > >> >> >> >>
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