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  • Michael Blitch
    Jul 2, 2007
      Thanks to everyone that work to keep the group updated. I'm just about
      finished packing and will be in Zion on the 25th and 26th. Besides the
      Narrows, I have a permit for the Subway. I was planning on hiking up
      Angels Landing, along the west rim, camping, and then hoofing it through
      the Subway to the end. I'll see how the weather, heat, and such are
      when I make it there to decided to just day hike Angels and then do the
      normal Wildcat to Subway passage.


      Tom Jones wrote:
      > --- In Zion_National_Park_Hiking@yahoogroups.com, "at_runner"
      > <at_runner@...> wrote:
      >> Do I pick my permits at Lee Pass? Is there a backcountry office
      >> there or should I go somewhere else?
      > Kolob Canyons Visitor Center 435-586-9548 They keep more limited
      > hours than the main VC, might need to call ahead. If you are
      > shuttling from Springdale, you will then use the main visitor center
      > just north of Springdale. 435-772-0170
      > A hiker shuttle to Lee Pass is unusual. You may or may not be able to
      > get one of the companies to do it. Could be expensive. You by
      > yourself? Usually a 2-person minimum, meaning you will have to pay
      > for 2 people.
      >> I also have a general question about the hike(Lee Pass to Angels
      >> Landing). I have read mixed opinions/reviews about the hike. Some
      >> say that this is a beutiful hike with lots to see, others say there
      >> are some sections that are nice but a lot of boring hiking. I wonder
      >> your take on this and I realize it's an opinion thing.
      >> TIA
      > It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
      > Lees pass and down to LaVerkin Creek is really good. Campsite 18 is
      > really marvelous. Hop Valley is OK at the start, and not so hot the
      > upper half, or, maybe WAY too hot. A lot of walking in soft sand, and
      > parts are quite cowed up. A lot of elevation gain, those last couple
      > miles up to the road. The Connector trail I have not done. Wildcat
      > Canyon trail over to the West Rim Trailhead is nice but not too
      > special, but then again, not all that long. And the West Rim Trail -
      > divine!
      > My crazy recommendation: from Lees Pass, go all the way to campsite
      > 18. Arrive about 2 PM. Cook dinner and get in a long nap. Up at
      > Midnight, hike Hop Valley in the dark, then as far as you can until it
      > gets too warm, then find a shady spot and catch up on sleep. Stashing
      > water where the Hop Valley Trailhead crosses the road might be a good
      > idea, as well as near the West Rim Trailhead. Continue, saunter
      > forth, arriving at Potato Hollow around dark. Camp, in a traditional
      > way. Follow the West Rim down to Angels Landing and the valley floor
      > the next day. When's your trip? Really hot out here right now - I
      > would HATE to be hiking up Hop Valley anytime during daylight hours.
      > Tom
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