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1524Sad News / Happy News

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  • Agent With Style
    May 20 11:58 PM
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      Some sad news, and some happy news -- I've just been notified by the author of REEMERGENCE 2: THE M.I.A. AFFAIR REDUX that she won't be able to finish the novel in time for MediaWest*Con.

      Yes, we took pre-con orders for the zine, the price based on what we understood the size of the novel to be, and for those of you who placed an order for this zine, whether to be mailed to you or picked up at the con, we will either give you a refund, or will honor the price of the zine, though we will ask those of you who requested con-pickup to pay for the postage if you want it mailed to you when it does become available.  You can also switch the con-pickup to Shore Leave in August, if you are attending that con, and the original in-person price will be honored.

      That's the sad news. Now, for the good news!

      LRH Balzer, the author, is *adding* 50 MORE PAGES to the novel because the story just needed to be told that way. She wants to do justice to 'all the moving parts, and there are *many,* she says.  The zine should be available in mid-to-late June, and will be mailed out the instant it comes back from the printers.

      So, if you've already ordered REEMERGENCE 2: THE M.I.A. AFFAIR REDUX, then you got a great bargain!  If you waited, when you do order it, you'll be getting the zine at the new price, which will be based on the final page-count of the novel.  But for 50 MORE PAGES of story, that's also a great bargain!

      We'll see you all at MediaWest in just a couple of days -- we're in Room 387, and we'll be opening late Thursday night.  Come visit us and check out all the other new zines we have available!