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APL Ocean53s

Folks, On a recent trip that took me through AR, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL and MS I saw at least 4 APL Ocean53s on the move. Three were pretty beaten up, but one
Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
Aug 8

New publication on intermodal

Just received my copy of Bernard Kempinski's Waterfront Terminals and Operations, a Model Railroader book. I am biased because of my interest in intermodal
Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
Feb 18

Re: Container Crane Resin Models

I have been thinking about making a limited run. Will keep you in mind.
Dec 14, 2016

Re: New Guy

Ooops, accidentally submitted without a signature so here it is... Regards, Doug A.
Jul 17, 2016

New Guy

Greetings all, Just wanted to say hi and a brief intro. Fairly new to Z but been a model railroader most of my 40-some-odd years. I'd say my extent of Z
Jul 17, 2016

Re: Container Crane Resin Models

Tim, I would be happy to have a Mi-Jack if you decide to make another batch. Sending email... Thanks, Nick
Jul 16, 2016

Re: 57' Spine Cars AP in Z scale

Update 7-4-16 Today I worked on one set of the spine castings. I drilled and tapped holes for brass screw bolsters. I configured the fifth wheels the way I
Jul 4, 2016

Re: 57' Spine Cars AP in Z scale

I have posted two photos in the Photo section of one of the first sets of castings of the 57' Spine cars. One is of top and one from bottom. The dark section
Jun 27, 2016

Re: Container Crane Resin Models

Malcolm, I have been wanting to call and talk to you about this. I do have near 20 something etchings that are in the process of being all bent to make more
Jun 21, 2016

57' Spine Cars AP in Z scale

Modern Spine cars that carry the 53' trailers or containers ride on 53' Spine or 57' Spine Cars. In late 2009/early 2010 I created a skeleton frame of the 57'
Jun 21, 2016

Re: Container Crane Resin Models

Hi there Tim. Nice to read you again! You KNOW you can count me in for just about anything you make, so yes, I’m in. Bryan Keyser DC Z-Bend From:
Bryan Keyser
Jun 20, 2016

Re: Container Crane Resin Models

Good to hear from you! Yes, I'd be very interested. Are you also interested in making some Pacer Maxis? I've still got some Pacer containers to fill them
Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
Jun 20, 2016

Container Crane Resin Models

I am in the process of making some molds of some new items I have slowly been working on. I also have the zip-lock with all the Mi-Jack masters on my work
Jun 20, 2016

Re: diy containets

Follow us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/ztrackmagazine Ztrack Magazine Ltd. Distributor for American Z Line Full Throttle & Rokuhan Authorized MTL,
Robert Kluz
Mar 6, 2016

Re: diy containets

On 03 Mar 2016 19:32:41 -0800 ... the wagons and on each other. The MTL ones are similar but of course the pin positions aren't the same. ... replicate the
Malcolm Kent Cleaveland
Mar 5, 2016
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