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1024Re: [Z_Intermodal] Have you slowed down?

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  • Alan Cox
    Jan 4, 2014
      O> I see a slowing response in some of the forums relating to Z scale. This forum has definitely slowed and I extremely apologize for my decline. In truth my priorities have greatly changed in the past 5 years with an ever increasing attention to detail in the realm of future survivability.
      > Where do you lay in your priorities?

      Z got more and more expensive but not better, N got cheaper and better.

      So given the options of

      - Z with high prices, limited choices, hard to DCC, no sound, crap track


      - N with low prices, vast choices, easy DCC, sound and finally good
      quality code 40 track

      I mostly moved. My Z dabblings are now mostly NN3 narrow gauge and I
      expect I'll auction all my Z stuff off fairly soon. I really like Z as a
      scale, but with the poor ranges, and the ridiculous MTL v AZL v everyone
      else coupling war I'm finally calling it a day.

      Still doing intermodal, just a size up. Currently scratching my head
      trying to work out how to model the French 'modalohr' system where they
      now simply drive the truck onto the wagon and the cab off while still
      keeping it low enough to fit through European sized tunnels and catenary.

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