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ZERI Certification Training in San Francisco Bay Area, CA starts in June

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  • Gary Liss
    Apologies for Cross-Postings - Please forward to Colleagues who may be interested ZERI Certification Training being offered for the 1st Time in California - in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2009
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      Apologies for Cross-Postings - Please forward to Colleagues who may be interested

      Z ER I Certification Training being offered for the
      1st Time in California - in San Francisco Bay Area, CA
      June 12, 2009

      I am writing to you regarding an exciting opportunity.  Gunter Pauli is offering his first ZERI Certified System Designer training in California in the San Francisco Bay Area starting this June.  Attached is a flyer that highlights the program.  You can get background on ZERI at www.zeri.org.

      This program is what I went through in Durango, CO in 2005.  It was a very intensive and moving experience for me, highlighting many possibilities for how businesses can get to Zero Waste. 

      I view ZERI principles and approach as one of our key market development tools for us to get beyond the traditional crushing and grinding of recyclables to using all the tools that Nature provides us with, including applying biology, chemistry, physics, and natural laws and principles to solving problems with particular discarded materials, products and packaging.  I believe this is a critical training program for the highest-level staff from local government agencies and sustainable businesses pursuing Zero Waste. ZERI training includes particular emphasis on:
      • Cash Flow Analysis - Gunter is a former businessman, and focuses on how to generate more cash flow by developing new business ventures from discards, not just finding existing markets for materials.
      • Natural Systems - Gunter looks at the interactions among the 5 natural kingdoms and has documented how wastes that go through 2 kingdoms eliminate toxicity and harm, and how the 5 natural kingdoms found in nature operate in complete balance to use all materials as nutrients or homes to something else at ambient temperature and pressure.  It's not just a "systems" approach - it's learning and applying the knowledge from natural systems.
      Both of these add a large number of additional possibilities of how to deal with discards compared to traditional recycling market development ventures.  That's what I believe is the true value to local governments and sustainable businesses in CA.  With the economic stimulus funding looming ahead of us, there is a huge opportunity to invest in new business opportunities that may be identified through a ZERI analysis of difficult to recycle materials and products.  As industries become more responsible for their products (under EPR), they will also be looking for more opportunities like these as well.

      It would be great if you or someone from your organization could participate in this training.  To register, go to: https://www.regonline.com/63374_723584A

      Thanks for thinking out of the box to get to Zero Waste!


      Gary Liss
      Gary Liss & Associates
      4395 Gold Trail Way
      Loomis, CA  95650-8929
      Fax: 916-652-0485

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