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Are the Palestinian people against peace?

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Are the Palestinian people against peace? http://zionism-israel.com/israel_news/2007/09/are-palestinian-people-against-peace.html In Persuade the people, Danny
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007

      In Persuade the people, Danny Rubenstein argues that the latest polls show that the Palestinian people are extremists:
      ...some of the poll's findings cannot be doubted. The most striking one is that almost 94 percent of Palestinians object to any form of Israeli control over the Al-Aqsa compound - neither above nor below. Another interesting finding is that 82 percent of those polled are not willing to allow settlement blocs to remain under Israeli control. And most important of all: Close to 70 percent support the return of all refugees to their homeland (i.e., within the confines of the State of Israel), and they reject notions of compensation, a partial return of refugees, or the right to return only to a Palestinian state.
      That is pretty amazing, especially since Khatib has been accused by Palestinian extremists of fabricating results that show Palestinians to be moderate.
      Poll results depend on how you ask the questions. Here are the actual poll results for some of these questions:
      4. Allowing Israel to keep control of major settlement blocs inside the West
      Bank in exchange for equal Israeli land
      Strongly support 3.8 Somewhat support 13.6
      Somewhat oppose 25.0 Strongly oppose 56.9
      No answer 0.7

      5. Keeping Israel's authority in the area of Al- Aqsa Mosque
      Strongly support 1.8 Somewhat support 3.9
      Somewhat oppose 15.4 Strongly oppose 78.1
      No answer 0.8
      (See here)
      Of course, if you were to ask Israelis if they "strongly support" giving one inch of land in the West bank, perhapd 4% would support it. What Palestinian Arab would "strongly support" keeping Israel's authority over the Haram as Sharif, the Temple Mount?  If you ask if they agree to it in return for peace, you would get a different response. In fact, Rubenstein's own paper, Ha'aretz, noted that the very same poll showed that Palestinians overwhelmingly support the Fatah government over the extremist Hamas! Yet Rubenstein, in article after article, continues to stubbornly insist that the Palestinians support the Hamas, and that the Palestinians are extremists.
      Rubinstein endeared himself to supporters of Israel this week after he used a trip to Europe, ostensibly to attend the Zionist Federation meeting, in order to attend the UN/EU sponsored anti-Zionist meeting in Brussels, and deliver himself of the opinion that Israel is an Apartheid State. His appearance at the Zionist gathering was cancelled.
      But Rubinstein is not content to demonize Zionists. He is also demonizing Palestinians. Why is Rubinstein, a supposed dove, demonizing the Palestinians? He wants to fabricate a case that the Fatah government has no legitimcacy and that Israel must appease Palestinian extremists. The same type of reasoning is offered in this article.
      Here is his idea:
      The conclusion is that the problem lies not with the Palestinian politicians, but with the general public. In other words, you can pressure Abu Mazen and his associates, and persuade them to make concessions and compromise, but it won't advance a thing. What you have to do is persuade the people, and that can only be done through the economy.
      And how do you do this through the economy?
      Osaily [mayor of Hebron] practically begs that more transit permits be granted for laborers to work in Israel. He says that if this is not done, Hebron will become a second Gaza. In other words, so long as Israel keeps raising the separation wall and the Palestinians keep getting poorer - all the debates about principles for a peace agreement are pretty worthless.
      So let's understand this. Here is Ahmad, who is getting ready to die so that the Zionist sons of dogs and apes do not defile the holy sanctuary of the Haram as Sharif. He has sworn on the Quran and the eyes of his mother that he will not forget the refugees, that he will not give up the return, al-Awda, and that he will revenge the Nakba.  But Danny Rubinstein will give him a minimum wage menial job in Israel, and then Ahmad will forget all about the Haram as Sharaf and the Nakba and al-Awda.
      Get real, Danny Rubinstein!
      Ami Isseroff


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