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What do the Arabs want from Israel?

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  • Israel Bonan
    What do the Arabs want from Israel?
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      What do the Arabs want from Israel?




      I am puzzled to say the least. Can you help me with this conundrum?


      Israel Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank is suddenly a good thing, or at least that is what can be inferred from the behavior of Egypt andJordan !!


      These two Arab countries are lamenting Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the West Bank ?? Ah but with a qualifier, it is only the “unilateral withdrawal” that is really the problem?


      Each cites the havoc currently created for Egypt by Israel ’s departure from Gaza , or the havoc that could potentially be created for Jordan by Israel ’s departure from the West Bank if it is done unilaterally?


      What is the significance attached to “unilateral” by these two Arab states in this context? Do Egypt and Jordan feel that all of a sudden if the PA Chairman is party to the withdrawal in a final status and peace agreement, it will suddenly make all the difference, or are they really suggesting forIsrael to remain in the territories, maybe indefinitely? Will all havoc and anarchy cease, because the PA Chairman inks the deal?


      Where is the ultimate responsibility lie, in the hands of the Palestinians or in Israel policing of the occupied territories? I am sorry I don’t see it, please help me I am still confused!!


      We advocated for the right things for Israel to do, and we ended up dislocating communities of Jews from their established homes, only to read this lament and the urging to wait some more. Are these Arab countries willing to speak up for Israel internationally and not condemn the “occupation” for its salutary effects on their countries? Or at least denounce terrorism and suicide attacks in the open and especially in Arabic and for the Arabic media, and not in English only and for the international media? Well, short of that, what’s in it for Israel at this point beyond the head and heart aches?


      I still don’t see it, can you? Can anyone?


      Israel Bonan


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