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Eddie Butler - An Israeli success story

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Eddie Butler - An Israeli success story http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000061.html 16.05.2006 Eddie Butler is an unlikely name for a famous
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      Eddie Butler - An Israeli success story


      Eddie Butler is an unlikely name for a famous Israeli perhaps. Butler is an African American whose parents came to Israel 37 years ago with the Black Hebrew group. Butler's musical talents and impressive stage presence have earned him the right to represent Israel in the Eurovision song contest. Perhaps he doesn't have a chance to win against heavily favored Greece, but chosing Butler and his song to represent Israel made an important statement to Europe and to ourselves, about how we view our country and what Zionism is in reality, rather than what it is in the imagination of its foes. The Eurovision contest is mostly tinsel and bad taste, but this year it has done something good, for Butler is not just another Israeli musician. He makes it clear that he has a message about Israel as well:

      "I'm more than happy to represent the country I was born in. I love Jerusalem, I love Israel, I live for this country," Butler told ISRAEL21c. "This is my home."

      Butler's people believe they are one of the lost ten tribes of Israel. Butler is married to an Israeli and is in the process of converting to Judaism.

      Read more about Eddie Butler - wonderful performer and wonderful Israeli - here.

      Next time someone says "Zionism is Racism" -- remember Eddie Butler, and many others like him. In your face, David Duke.

      Ami Isseroff
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