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On the interconnectedness of it all... to Zionists

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  • Simply Jews
    On the interconnectedness of it all... to Zionists
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2011

      On the interconnectedness of it all... to Zionists


      When you think that The Guardian cannot get any lower that it already got to regarding Israel... scratch it. I know that I've already used this sentence more than once. I also know that no matter when this sentence is said and no matter how many times it's repeated, Guardian will get lower yet. So, you could do better reading this report by Just Journalism where they take apart a thoroughly vile editorial where Guardian lets its base instincts running wild. Just an example:

      One country's ability to bury the evidence of war crimes endangers how civilians are treated in all other conflicts. A single failure of international justice is also a collective one.
      Guess which country it is...

      So: Sri Lanka, Israel, Guardian... Guardian, Israel, Sri Lanka... Israel, Sri Lanka...

      On the other hand, who knows... after all, everything in this world is interconnected. When a butterfly farts somewhere in Tibet, you know what usually happens in London... And all this interconnectedness is orders of magnitude stronger when looking at the Zionist octopus that has its tentacles - well, I shouldn't expand more on something that is clear to any avid watcher of the big Z...

      And, since we are rejecting the mere term "coincidence" in our progressive interconnected world, here is another outstanding example of the same phenomenon. Unfortunately, the article and the attached clip are both in Hebrew, but here is the gist: According to the Syria's luminary speaking in this clip, the Syria's current turmoil is not good to Arabs and not good to Muslims. The whole Syrian brouhaha, according to the man, is cooked up by... the Jewish party Shas. Even without knowing Arabic or Hebrew, you can clearly distinguish the words "Shas" and "Yahudi" (Jew) in this clip.

      So: Syria, Jews, Shas... Shas, Syria, Jews... Jews, Syria, Shas...

      OK, you would say. We all understand the desperation of the murderous autocratic Syrian regime. We know that this vile libel is only one of   many thrown in the air by a regime that may very well be on its last legs and thus could be easily disregarded.

      I don't really have anything against this analysis. But let's try another ditty then:

      Syria, desperation, vile libel, Guardian... Guardian, Syria, desperation, vile libel... vile libel, Guardian, desperation...

      Mmm... how does it sound to you?

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