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Zionist sharks attack Egypt

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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2010

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      Egyptians believe that Israeli Navy commandos have scored a unique success. Here are the main points of account of this latest Jew-Zionist perfidy as published in the Huffington Post:

      A German tourist was mauled to death by a shark off Egypt’s Red Sea coast Sunday, but if popular rumors on the street are to be believed, it was the Israelis who did it.

      The attack came days after authorities claimed they had hunted and killed a shark believed to have injured three foreign tourists in previous incidents…

      A popular account has it that Israel is “dumping” hungry sharks in the Red Sea in a bid to weaken Egypt’s thriving tourism industry…

      One tourism company operator who owns a small fleet of mini-buses that cater to Cairo’s tourist spots told me that Israel wants Egypt to lose one of its most vital economic resources so that it can toe the line on the Palestinians.

      A waiter at a popular cafe went further and theorized that the deadly fires in Northern Israel were God’s way of punishing the Israelis for orchestrating the shark attacks.

      “Look at how God has brought Israel to its knees as it asks the world – even Egypt – for help in putting out the fires,” he said.

      Blaming Israel for nearly every malady is not restricted to loony street conspiracies. Political analysts blame Israel for emboldening Nile Basin countries in Africa to dispute Egypt’s share of the river, fueling diplomatic tensions between Cairo and regional capitals…

      And in mid-August, when a series of power blackouts lefts millions of Egyptians sweltering in the summer sun, who did they blame? Some speculated that gas exports to Israel have left Egyptian power plants “undernourished”.

      On December 5, the Ministry of health reported that two women had died from the H1N1 and Avian flu viruses, respectively. No word yet on whether the birds flew in from Israel.

      Update: Since the posting of this article, the governor of South Sinai has gone on a popular Egyptian television program to say there is a possibility Israeli intelligence is behind the shark attacks.

      These are relatively mild and “moderate” views. When analysts talk about Arab “moderates,” they often  mean Egypt. Keep in mind that Egypt is one of two Arab counties that have a peace treaty with Israel, and remember that the current regime is quite moderate in comparison with the Muslim Brotherhood that may soon take power in Egypt.

      In the context of historical anti-Semitism, the view that Jews are at fault for everything is hardly new. In the Middle East, the conflict with tiny Israel (population less than 8 million)   is routinely blamed for Arab underdevelopment and the misery of hundreds of millions of people. This view is not confined to kooks and krazies only. It is touted by respected analysts in the west and enshrined in U.N.reports.

      Ami Isseroff

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