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13.8.1936, The murder of the Unger family, at Saffed.

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  • Dvar Dea
    “Davar” 14.8.1936 front page: Bloody night at Saffed and Tzofit. A father and his sons killed by a bomb and others are severally injured Last night, at
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      “Davar” 14.8.1936 front page:
      Bloody night at Saffed and Tzofit.

      A father and his sons killed by a bomb and others are severally injured

      Last night, at 8.30 there was a strong shooting attack on mount Canaan. At 8.30 an army car was attacked between Ein-Zeitim and Miron. The army responded.
      Then begun a strong attack on the Jewish quarter in Saffed from all sides. An Arab gang burst into the Jewish quarter from the Jewish cemetery. Into one house in the Sephardim Street a bomb was thrown, instantly were killed Alter Unger a scribe of phylacteries and mezuzah, age 36, his five year old boy and girl age 8. a girl age 6-7 was severally injured. The mother and grandmother were lightly injured.
      The severally injured girl was brought to hospital in critical condition and she is dying. She was severally hurt in her right lung. The wounded mother had a finger removed.
      The bomb shattered the sons of the killed father in a terrible manner. The father’s head was severed from the body. The girl that was killed was hurt from rifle bullets.
      All were killed while asleep. The wounded and killed were brought to “Hadassah” hospital. It seems that bomb and shots came through the open window. It seems that out of precaution the family concentrated in one place and lied on a rug in the middle of the room.
      At 11 a second shootings attack on the Jewish quarter began. As the news are delivered (close to midnight) the shootings and bomb throwing continue.
      Follow up:  “Davar” 15.8.1936 evening edition front page
      The murder of the father and the three children.
      Yesterday at 3.30 Yafa Unger passed away – after agony from her wounds. She is the forth victim of the loathsome murderers, which burst into the Unger residence at HaSephardim Street in Saffed (see details in Friday’s evening edition). Age 9.
      The forensic examination conducted on the bodies of the Unger children had shown that they were killed by gunshots and not by bomb.
      We are told on behalf of one of the neighbors to the place of the murder that several minutes before the murder he specifically heard from the Arabs in the Sephardim Street, the following:” Advance! There is no police here and no other check point”. The murderers came from the side of the Slaughter House, a place were they had occasionally concentrated and signaling to the Hebrew community and the authorities.
      Yesterday at 1 in the afternoon came Mr. Kitrosh to Rosh-Pina in an airplane with the company of Mr. Faraday and Piri Gordon. From Rosh-Pina they came by car to Saffed and visited the Sephardim Street, the commercial center and the place of the murder. Afterwards a meeting took place at the government house attended by the army chief. To the request of the representatives of the Jewish community in Saffed to meet him Mr. Kitrosh apologized that the airplane is waiting for him and therefore he cannot delay.
      The representatives of the Jewish community sent protest telegrams to the high commissioner and the commander Spicer.
        “The Hebrew community in Saffed is horrified to its foundation at the brutal murder of an entire Hebrew family on all its three children and the injuring of two of that family. This was done inside the Jewish quarter during the special situation by rifle fire and the throwing of a bomb while the family was asleep. The Jews of Saffed whose blood was spilled back in 1929 feel that their fate is in the hands of murderers with no security to their lives and they are desperate and hopeless in the face of that fact.
      We request to stop this bloodletting of the Jews of Saffed and to assure protection and security and to conduct a thoroughly investigation of this murder.”
      Jews of Saffed, foreign subjects, sent letters of protest to their consuls to come to their aid.
      The protest of the American consul.
      New – York, 14 (Paalcor). The American consul in Jerusalem filled his protest to the government of the land of Israel over the Unger murder, which was an American subject, and demanded protection against the Arabs.
      How did “Palestin” informed about the villainy in Saffed?
      On this latest villainy in Saffed informs “Palestin” in three small print lines, with no headline and no evaluation of the act – the news item is in the front page of the newspaper.
      Follow up: more news items that day: A murder by ambush of 3 Gafirs, Jewish policemen, and their female companion. The torching of 15,000 Pl (Palestine lira) worth of trees and oranges in Rehovot, (then the Pl was bigger then the dollar), a second failed attack by a booby-trapped car on the Tel – Aviv beach.

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