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Cancer in its midst

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  • Israel Bonan
    Cancer in its midst 01.04.2006 It is hard when the noise is loudest, to hear the little voices. But,
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      Cancer in its midst


      It is hard when the noise is loudest, to hear the little voices. But, for sure, they deserve to be heard.

      When bombs are detonating, and people are killed and/or are dying; it is seldom the time or the place to talk about the "voices of reason"; we tend to react and blurt out our inner discontent about the state of affairs, and our wholesale condemnation of any one and everyone of this or that ilk, religion, or persuasion.

      Generalization is usually born out of frustration and lack of viable options in combating whether it be terrorism or just plain extremism of any sort; no one can suggest let's do this or that, we have the answer. Alas we don't, but we do have the option of reflecting on our initial outburst, and trade generalization with the more sane approach of understanding and reaching out to these "voices of reason".

      They ultimately go against the tide, and a strong tide it is. We have witnessed in this forum, more than one Muslim advocating rationality and fighting against the blind hatred shown in the name of Islam. This is yet another one of those voices, to whom we say Kudos (Yeshko'ah .. may G_d give strength to your voices and may they be heard).

      Israel Bonan





      The Washington Times


      'Cancer in its midst'

      By M. Zuhdi Jasser
      Published March 30, 2006

      During the dark days of our Revolution, Thomas Paine wrote, "That these are the times that try men's souls." As an American Muslim, I feel the sentiment of these words like a red-hot brand on my brain.

          I have watched horrified as assassins have read out the words from my Holy Koran before slitting the throats of some poor innocent souls. To my non-comprehending eyes, I have seen mothers proudly support their sons' accomplishment of blowing up innocent people as they eat or travel. It shatters some part of me, to see my faith as an instrument for butchery.

          It makes me hope and pray for some counter-movement within my faith which will push back all this darkness. And I know that it must start with what is most basic -- the common truth that binds all religions: "Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you." The Golden Rule.

          But that is not what I am seeing taught in a great deal of the Muslim world today, and, unfortunately, in America it's just not much better.

          M. Zuhdi Jasser is chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. A former Navy lieutenant commander, he currently is an internist in private practice in Phoenix .


      Continued at http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000028.html where you may also comment. Posted at ZioNation Web Log

      ... Introduction copyright 2006 by the author. A Washington Times article copyright 2006 by The Washington Times and M. Zuhdi Jasser . Please forward this article by email with this notice.

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