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Who is leading the Hezbollah swap bandwagon?

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Who is leading the Hezbollah swap bandwagon? http://zionism-israel.com/israel_news/2008/06/who-is-leading-hezbollah-swap-bandwagon.html An excellent book
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      Who is leading the Hezbollah swap bandwagon?


      An excellent  book about the disastrous Second Lebanon war ("Kurei Akavish" - Cobwebs), made several very interesting points among others:
      The first was that the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 was based on partially distorted perceptions.
      The second was that orchestrated media efforts played a great role in demoralizing the IDF and in pressuring the government to leave Lebanon rather than making an effort to deal with the problem of Hezbollah.
      The third was that the Elhanan Tannenbaum swap deal, and others before it, virtually ensured that there would be a new kidnapping attempt, because these deals taught the Hezbollah that Israel is vulnerable to such extortion.
      So why are Harel and Issacharoff now leading the media PR campaign to railroad through this decision??
      An analysis   of the current Hezbollah deal by Avi Issacharoff and Amos Harel de-emphasizes the security concerns and claims that it is a "myth" that hostage trades create a dangerous precedent. They cite irrelevant "precedents."  They don't distinguish between soldiers who fell in battle or went MIA in battle, and those who were captured and killed in a deliberate kidnap attempt.
      Another article co-authored by Harel and published as the cabinet is meeting claims:  'Hezbollah deal has passed point of no return'. It has the following improbable statement:
      The agreement currently enjoys broad support in the cabinet. However, if Olmert, who still has not made his position clear, expresses reservations about any of the parts of the deal, the vote, which requires a simple majority, may swing against it - particularly among Kadima ministers.
      Any proposition that enjoys "broad support" could not possibly be stopped by some reservations of Olmert, who is politically weak. Motherhood enjoys "broad support." The only way to torpedo a proposition supporting motherhood might be to get Olmert to support it. Anything he supports is now suspected as a political ploy.
      Harel, Ravid and Stern, the authors of this article, tell us:
      "A quick decision needs to be made, yes or no," said a security source close to the negotiations, warning that if the plan fails to gain approval, it might "sentence the families of [Ehud] Goldwasser and [Eldad] Regev to a life of uncertainty."
      If the plan does get approval it is is more likely to sentence dozens of other Israelis who will be kidnapped or die in future wars to the certainty of death.
      Who wrote the excellent book that disagrees with the above analyses? Was it some lowly amateur like myself? An outsider from the United States perhaps? A right-wing propagandist? No way - "ayn matzav" as we say in slang. The authors of "Kurei Akavish" are the renowned experts Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff of course.
      Who is at fault for the media bandwagon and for misleading information?
      Ami Isseroff


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