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Christian peace teams Hebron spin terror attack

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  • Ami Isseroff
    Christian peace teams Hebron spin terror attack 02.02. 2008 http://www.zionism-israel.com/log/archives/00000486.html Original content copyright by the author
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2008

      When the world goes insane, the villains become the heroes and the victims become the villains. That appears to be the case in the topsy-turvy logic of the Hebron Christian Peace Teams.

      I am not, as is known, a big fan of settlers or of Yeshivas, to put it mildly. There are exceptions. This one time I was certainly unequivocally proud of settlers and of a Yeshiva. The "settlement" is Kfar Etzion, reestablished after it was conquered by Israel in the Six Day war. In 1948 Kfar Etzion had been ethnically cleansed in a massacre committed by Arab irregulars under the eyes of the Arab Legion.

      The incident in question was the infiltration of the Yeshiva by Palestinian Arabs of the terrorist persuasion, who began stabbing counselors who were minding their own business. As luck would have it, the Palestinians entered a library where counselors were meeting, rather than a classroom. The foiling of the terrorists is detailed in Haaretz newspaper, not noted for its sympathy for settlers. Counselor Elyakim Kovatch managed to shoot the two malefactors after they had attacked and wounded two of the counselors.

      I thought in my naivete, that anyone would be thankful that a terror attack was foiled. Any normal person would recognize that this was a clear incident of self defense. Given Kfar Etzion's history, even the most ardent partisan of Palestinian Arab rights, might show at least a flicker of empathy for people who had come to reestablish kibbutzim and villages that had been destroyed in tragic circumstances.

      It was beyond my admittedly limited imagination to assume that anyone but a psychopath could turn this incident into pro-Palestinian propaganda.

      But the self-declared Christians of the Christian Peace Team proved how little imagination I have. For them, settlers are scarcely human (see Christian peace teams Dehumanize Israelis. For them, weapons are evil unless Palestinians have them (See Jesus get your gun). Always anxious to show compassion, CPT's Dianne Roe went to visit -- not the victims of the attack -- but the families of the terrorists. She writes:

      Christian Peacemaker Teams is against weapons, whether they are carried by soldiers or civilians.

      That is obviously not true, since CPT protested bitterly that Palestinian kids could not get toy guns, useful for bluffing terror attacks (See Jesus get your gun).

      Dianne Roe asks:

      Suppose the occupier and the occupied changed places. The headline of the event might be Head of Israeli terror group kills two Beit Ummar soldiers as they infiltrate terrorist cell.

      Well yes Dianne. And the headline in ancient Rome might have been "Friendly lions eliminate dangerous Christian threat." And in the Nazi paper, the Volkischer Beobachter, in 1943, the headline might have been "SS heroes liquidate dangerous Jewish cell in the Warsaw Ghetto." Probably it was something like that. The headlines in journals sympathetic to Al-Qaeda on September 12, 2001 must've been something like "Freedom fighters strike a great blow for justice against wicked American Christian sons of dogs and pigs." It's all a matter of "narrative" and "perspective" isn't it?

      Dianne Roe laments the alleged loss of Arab lands to Jewish settlements. I have never once seen, in any communications of the Christian peace teams, the slightest hint that they know that at least some of these "Arab lands" on which the Jews of Hebron and Gush Etzion have settled were purchased many years ago by Jews, that there were Jewish communities in these places that were expelled and ethnically cleansed. More than that, I have never seen any hint that Jews have a right to live and defend themselves. All Jews are damned according to the Christian Peace Teams. This is not limited to adults. When a one month old baby, Shalhevet Pas, was murdered by a sniper, the Christian Peace Teams newsletter mentioned that a terror attack had occurred in passing, and concentrated on the plight of an Arab who could not feed his chickens because of the resulting curfew. We are damned from birth according to these disciples of the Jewish settler from the Jewish settlement of Nazareth. Our lives are worth less than those of Arab chickens.

      It is difficult to imagine that such depravity and hatred are spread in the name of the gospel of love, but there are precedents after all.

      Ami Isseroff

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