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142Z Scale items still available for sale

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  • eric.foxman
    Dec 2, 2010
      I have sold a number of items, so I am posting a revised list here of what is still available. Photos of these items can be found in the photos section.

      Prices do not include shipping. I'll combine to give you the most economical postage. Any questions -- please contact me directly.

      THanks for looking.

      Eric Foxman
      aka Z-ELF

      Marklin 8191 Track SET - Electric $80 New in Box

      Marklin 8559 Crossing Track 13ยบ $5 Each Manual; 2 Pieces; Used.

      Marklin 8566 Turnout Right - Manual $10 New in Box

      Marklin 8588 - Isolating Track $3 New in Box. Used to break layout into electrical blocks.

      Marklin 7274 Control Box $5 New in Box; Used to control up to accessory. 4 circuits from common power source. Always on or always off.

      Marklin 7272 Control Box $3 Like new; no box; Used to actuate up to 4 turnouts. Momentary on.

      Structure -- All unbuilt kits unless noted
      Kibri 36703 Station "Chateau d'Oex" Built $50 Already Built and custom painted; Fine-grit sandpaper roof over platform.

      Marklin 2643K Signal Tower laser Cut wood $10 New in Box

      Marklin 8970 Winterdorf Village Station $10 New in Box 2 Available

      Marklin 8981 Locomotive Shed - Built $50 Already Built and custom painted / bricks are mortared. Complete with all parts for operating doors and special track to stop loco from overrunning end of track. Never installed.

      Marklin Freight Shed -- Built $10 Already Built and painted.

      Scenery -- All unopened packages unless noted

      Blair Line 1550 Custom Billboard $5 Laser cut wood. Can use for Large Z bilboard - create your own message.

      Blair Line 374 Wood Loading Ramp $5 Laser cut wood; create a freight desination anywhere along layout.

      Woodland Scenics S928 Mountain Valley Kit $25 Unused Complete kit. Sufficient materials for a 4' x 8' HO layout. Can also be used for N or Z, as all materials are not scale specific. Ballast is even fine screened!. Includes Instruction Booklet, plaster cloth hydrocal, rock mold, 15 scenery elements (turf/foliage etc.), 6 trees, scenic cement, etc.

      N-Scale Detail Parts (Asst #1) $5 All New in Packages; cast metal (except signs): 2
      Pkg GCM771 12 Pane window (can use for Z Scale Door) 2/pkg; Det. Assoc#8448Porch Light w/large globe (can use for industrial Z building) 2/pkg; Det. Assoc#8447Porch Light w/large globe (can use for industrial Z building) 2/pkg; Model Shipways MS0519 3/8" liferaft (can use for 10' Z raft) 3/pkg; Model Shipways MS0270 3/4" Longboat (can use for 19' Z boat) 2/pkg; Blair Line Burma Shave Plastic Signs w/wood posts (14 different sequences)

      N-Scale Detail Parts (Asst #1) $5 All New in Packages; Burt Ind30506 Resin Telephone Box 2/pkg; Burt Ind.30503 Resin 2 Bay Relay Box 2/pkg; Det Assoc 8438 Cast metal Roof Vent 2 / pkg [2 packages]; Set. Assoc 8409 Fire Call Box 2/pkg [7 packages]

      Building Papers $12 All New; 10" x 5"; Embossed texture for 3D effect; Use for Retaining walls, portals,tunnel liners, etc. (patterns on back of each!) Faller 2656 Brown Stone 7 sheets Vollmer 7361 Red/Black Brick 4 sheets Faller 2568 Orange Brick 2 sheets Total = 13 sheets

      Bilt-Eezi 3 card stock kits $5 3 Card Stock N Scale kits with flexible configuration. #1 Bungalow w/Garage" includes toolshed; bow window; different chimney effects. #2 Timber House w/Garage; different store front possibilities and 2nd floor treatments. #3 Accessories: sidewalk, 3 dif stone wall heights with gate posts + 3 different gates; tool shed; 2 alternate store fronts can be used with other card stock models. Suggest make photocopy and do a 'test run'; for strenth and to resist warping, affix onto gray board while construction. CAN BE PHOTOCOPIED REDUCED TO Z SCALE EASILY.

      Woodland Scenics TR1101 Tree Kit $8 New in Package. 36 trees; 3/4" - 3" high; includes 3 colors foliage