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  • > Kat, that was hilarious =^.^= I loved the side quest bit ;p >^_^< Speaking of > gaming, I got Disgaea for my birthday and have been playing it off and on, > the chibi-goths are very cute but I'm still getting used to going back to 2D > graphics... I just got the angel's pendant back =^.^= I'm loving that game. There is so much to it. Everytime I turn around there is something new...
    Kathryn Williams Oct 1, 2003
  • > ROTFL! I completely sympathize...as I'm sure you knew. :-) In fact, > I'm staring suspiciously at it, because I sense that that might be me > in that cowl.... >^_^< Glad so many people are enjoying my odd sence of homour. I was considering creating a strip about the Overlords Convention where they all look the same but on walks by with a bread hanging out of the cowl >^_^< > Feel...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 27, 2003
  • More Random Acts for you all. 5 more pages to be exact. Here is an odd tale I created not long ago. http://www.katandnekomanga.ca/RA/randomacts.03.html] If you have ever had to deal with printshops then you might find this one funny. Enjoy Note: Drew is very ill so he couldn't edit this one. I appoligize for the spelling errors. Hopfully Drew will get well soon. Jaa ne Kat
    Kathryn Williams Sep 27, 2003
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  • > And audience to audience. Yuri fandom, for instance. often ignores > genuine cultural considerations, seeing crushes, hero worship and > admiration as a sign of something more all the time. There are more > than a few who see yuri in every pair of female characters left alone > in a room for a second or two. And rational discourse does not > dissuade fans from insisting that...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 21, 2003
  • > > That's great! LOL Do you feel edu-ma-cated? LOL yeah right... I felt I had to educate them on reading more of ones site before trying to act smart. Pointed out the pile of Yuriko images on my site (more then anything "Yuriko with love") don't think I'll ever hear from the person again. I felt kind of bad bacause when I read the email I burst into laughter. *sighs* anyways, time...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 21, 2003
  • I just received the silliest email today. Someone emailed me telling me all about Yuricon and trying to educate me about what Yuri is by copying and pasting the "What is Yuri?" page from the Yuricon site. It was weird at the same time s kind of funny. Just thought some of you would find it funny too. jaa ne Kat
    Kathryn Williams Sep 21, 2003
  • Wait till you see the fourth volume *eepp!!* As for the TV series is was a rumour started by a mistake when CPM announced the fact that ehy got the fourth volume of the manga Alien 9: The Emulator. When the spokes person anouced the manga he was quoted as saying "The new anime Emulator" instead of manga. I checked up on the rumour and the Japanese A9 site is now down. J.C Staff and...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 20, 2003
  • http://www.katandnekomanga.ca/ShadowVol04/Shadowlanders4.04.01.html Here you all are. You might notice that Tiyan now has grey hair. When I updated Chapter 1-2 to the oginal files I discovered that the printers messed up so badly that Tiyan's grey hair became white. I'd used the printed version as referance and didn't realize the mistake until now. So I spent the day fixing and...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 20, 2003
  • I agree with Erica and Alan. Someone not long ago made a weird remark about my works saying "There is to much Teenage, Lesbian Magical girl Angst out there." All I could think was what was this person watching/reading because I want some. I can't really think of any series without some sort of relationship confict (when there is a relationship at all) I find there is more straight...
    Kathryn Williams Sep 19, 2003
  • > While looking at the art, I think it is from the people who did To Heart or Green Green... Nah.. it is not Leaf.. doesn't have the same look or feel as their other works. atleast to me it doesn't Kat
    Kathryn Williams Sep 17, 2003