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  • Loving the drama CDs so far. Have listened to all the individual scenarios and have been pleasantly surprised that all the characters are likable. I have just been having some trouble understanding Yui's story. No big deal as I understand all the romantic/service sequences (and that is the main focus of these CDs) but I really do not know what the other part of the story is about...
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Sep 15
  • Hello everybody. Realized that I have a few pictures that I commissioned that I did not put on this mailing list. There is quite a few and even a comic at the end. Hope everyone enjoys them. First a picture of my three favorite characters from Aoi Shiro Yeo's Useless blog : Photo Yeo's Useless blog : Photo Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow...
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Aug 8
  • I am not sure I understand. It is a link to a comic that at the moment is only two pages long. It seems to be a sci-fi gene therapy focus but there is not enough material to make a definite statement except that one lady really wants to talk to another lady and by the end of the first page she gets the courage together to talk to her. But it is not a video and when I follow the...
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Jun 29
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  • Always Human - Part 1 Always Human - Part 1 Welcome to the future. Genetic engineering has made us smarter and fitter. We live longer, healthier lives. And we can look however we want. It's a pity... View on www.webtoons.com Preview by Yahoo Found this, was quite nice, hope it continues.
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Jun 25
  • Not only did Kuroko win but Ruiko Saten came in 10th. Japanese Fans Name the Support Characters Who Deserve Their Own Anime Series Japanese Fans Name the Support Characters Who ... Anime is full of colorful support casts, some of which even manage to overshadow series leads. View on www.crunchyroll.com Preview by Yahoo
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Jan 16
  • Yay. The ending was fun. I thought Korra and Asami were never going to get together no matter how much great chemistry they had. Now what am I supposed to obsess over? A relationship that actually has some basis in the show? Who does that?
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Dec 23, 2014
  • Sadly have not heard of this one but from what I can gather from the website this is a PS Vita/PSP re-release of a PC game. This makes me a bit suspicious about it being an otome game as usually they are brought out on the PSP from the start in Japan. Games that come out on the PC first usually have adult content in some form or another to make them sell more and this is no...
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Sep 25, 2014
  • Saw this and laughed, thought it should get to as many people as possible because look... someone else understands the powerful effect of helicopters. ☆Quality Trash Guaranteed☆ ☆Quality Trash Guaranteed☆ sailorfailures: “ pyamuun: “ These were posters released in Japan, but they seem pretty depressing to hang in your room D: ” ” View on asingingpenguin.com Preview by Yahoo
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Sep 1, 2014
  • Korra series 3 premiered recently and we had lovely scenes with Korra and Asami that reminded me of this little gem that is not amazing but better than a dub-over of a load of fan-comics would often be. You can find it here: http://youtu.be/xq-7ryaKqSQ
    in_the_name_of_union7@... Jun 30, 2014
  • An amazing picture I commissioned from Kelly Kao.... An amazing picture I commissioned from Kelly K... An amazing picture I commissioned from Kelly Kao. I absolutely love the pose. There are two different versions here. The first one was the first completed version... View on yeopsmith.tumblr.com Preview by Yahoo Yet another picture I commissioned. I really like the pose on this...
    in_the_name_of_union7@... May 29, 2014