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Re: [Yuricon] ODP vs. DPF Was: OK - let's see how many *really* competent, cool characters...

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  • Chalcahuite
    The Dirty Pair Flash OVAs differ from the Original Dirty Pair continuity in that prior to Dirty Pair Flash the
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 25, 2002
      <starting useless Dirty Pair info dump, now.>
      The Dirty Pair Flash OVAs differ from the Original Dirty Pair continuity in
      that prior to Dirty Pair Flash the original novels, all the series (TV, ova,
      movies), and even Adam Warren's comics, Kei and Yuri meet each other in
      college (Meizuru University for Lucien upgrades), become good friends, and
      enter the WWWA together. In Dirty Pair Flash, Kei and Yuri don't know each
      other prior to joining the WWWA, and don't start off liking each other. The
      Flash series also take place right after they've passed 3WA training, and
      before they've earned their Dirty Pair reputation. Whereas in the "normal"
      DP continuity the books, series and comics, start them off mid-career as it
      were, scourge of the universe and all.
      Molly and Iris were created for the the Dirty Pair Flash series, as having
      been the prior Lovely Angels, and do not exist in the "normal" DP
      continuity. Having not read the novels, I don't know for certain if in the
      "normal" DP continuity if there were any references to anyone using the
      "Lovely Angel" codename prior to Kei and Yuri, but there is none that I can
      recall in any of the series or movies. As a nod to the original DP, in
      Molly's flashback scenes, Molly and Iris are dressed and look like TV show
      Kei and Yuri, respectively.
      There are also plenty of differences in all the incarnations of the Dirty
      Pair that start from Takachiho's novel, but since they use the same source
      material as a starting point (Takachiho's novels) they are considered
      "normal" continuity.
      <end info dump>
      I'll be glad to list those differences if anyone's interested, but to relate
      this back to the original topic, I don't think that causing massive
      collateral damage on a systemic scale can really be considered to be
      competent for this survey. Sure, every case they've worked has been closed,
      and they are always exonerated by the good ol' Central Computer, but they
      are the Dirty Pair for a reason.

      --= =--
      Dirty Pa--, uh, I mean, Lovely Angel fanatic. ;)

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      >> The girls from Dirty Pair were Molly and Iris. The girls from Dirty Pair
      >> Flash were their successors, Yuri and Kei. Iris was actually in Dirty Pair
      >> Flash, but her name was Lady Flair. And Molly was killed after the series
      >> Dirty Pair ended and before Flash began, I believe.
      >> * ~ Kes ^.~*
      > Fandom generally considers DP and DPF to be separate continuities.
      > If only to save our sanity.
      > --SG
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