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Amazing obscure manga series

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  • atheniag
    While last in Book-Off, I found a bunch of oolllllddd series that starred girls who kicked serious butt. And some Paros no Ken (which is bleeding coming out of
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      While last in Book-Off, I found a bunch of oolllllddd series that
      starred girls who kicked serious butt. And some Paros no Ken (which
      is bleeding coming out of the wood work, these days) among other

      Since most of you are children weaned on stolen free digisubs and
      don't read Japanese, I guess I'll start with this - for a great list
      of Shoujoai manga titles, get thee to the Yuri Bonbons page:

      This is a list of shoujo manga (written by women for girls) *only*
      and does not include yuri titles written by men, or doujinshi, but
      it's a great place to start your collection.

      So is Yuricon auctions, which will resume with a load of new shoujoai
      titles next week... ;-)

      But I digress. Here are my reviews of two titles I *finally* had a
      chance to glance at while tuning out my parents in Florida. :-)

      Yaji Kita Gakuen Dochuuki

      This is the tale of two ridiculously cool girls, who work for some
      old guy and solve problems that occur at various schools, like crime,
      corruption, gang problems, other random unbelivable stuff. Rather
      than reinvent the wheel, here's Kishiji bando's review at the Yuri
      Bonbons site: http://www.mangabonbons.net/yuri/shitou_f.html
      It's a wacky little series, and I'll probably buy it all as a lark.
      Yaji is the dark-haired girl, all the boys fall for her - Kita is the
      sour, bitter-looking (so you just *know* she's really gay) blonde
      that all the girls go absolutely gaga for.

      The one I was so pleased in finding (and absolutely *sure* it wasn't
      on the Bonbons list...I was so wrong, once again Kishiji-san is three
      steps ahead of me) was:

      Hana no Asuka-gumi (Asuka of the Flower's Gang)

      Since there's no review for this one, here it is. :-)

      This series sent my eyebrows *so* far into my hairline, I needed a
      rescue team to find them.

      Kuraku Asuka is a sweet, normal, young girl, for about one half of
      one page. Then, due to a bullying episode she experiences in school,
      she has her hair cut off, beats the living daylights out of her
      persecutors and wanders off into the depths of Tokyo's nightlife to
      be a tough. And what a tough she is (insert random gutteral animal
      noise here. LOL)

      Asuka's first adventure starts when she meets a girl being hit
      on/solicited in the Shinjiku ni-chome (the gay business area of
      Tokyo.) Asuka tells the girl to say no, then kick the women who are
      bothering her, which she then illustrates - to show the girl how it
      is done. The rescuee says her name is Mika, that she's come to Tokyo
      to find her older sister who left home 3 years ago.

      Asuka, who's raison d'etre is obviously saving young women in
      distress, helps Mika find her sister's club. Asuka asks the young man
      who answers the door to ask Rika the hostess, Mika's sister, to come
      out. The man grabs Asuka and drags her into the club. There are no
      hostesses here, the young man explains. Only "hosts," you know, wink,
      nudge. Only women who dress as hosts.

      Oh, says Asuka, after noting loudly that the young man is a very
      fetching young woman in drag.

      Oh, so do you think that Rika wants to be found? She ran away three
      years ago, but has recently married another cross-dressing young lady
      and they are living together in Yokohama. Happily. So bag off. The
      young "man" continues.

      So...Asuka tells Mika the deal, that her sister is a lesbian and
      would like to reamin hidden away, at which Mika has a conniption.
      Asuka sets her straight (as it were,) reminding her that Rika is
      still her sister, you know, and they part, Mika much chastened by
      Asuka's tolerant coolness.

      We next see Mika once again in Shinjuku, now a hostess, and the young
      man from the bar (now why would Asuka be talking to her again, I
      wonder?) comments that the Shinjuku nightlife has swallowed Mika up
      too, as it does all of them. The curtain falls, and Erica's eyebrows
      return from whence they departed.

      And this was the first story in a three-story volume of a manga that
      went about 10 volumes long. :-)

      Asuka, 14-year old tough that she is, is cool as hell, and all the
      girls want her. I can't blame them. You gotta love a girl in a long
      coat, zoot-suit pants and chest bandages for a shirt. (Where on earth
      did *that* look come from?!?)

      A rival gang leader obssesses about Asuka, and wants to force her to
      join their gang. Girls everywhere end up throwing themselves into her
      arms to find a kind of cold comfort and kick-ass assistance and I
      think this series is a scream.

      I'll probably pick up some for the Yuricon auctions, when I get a
      chance, too.


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