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  • Stirling Twilight
    Greetings one and all! I ve been busy putting up auctions and I d like you to all go check them out! Hen, Vols 1 & 3 by Hiroya Oku, Jump Comics When handsome,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2002
      Greetings one and all!

      I've been busy putting up auctions and I'd like you to all go check them

      Hen, Vols 1 & 3
      by Hiroya Oku, Jump Comics

      When handsome, athletic Yamazaki meets Satou, his whole world is
      turned upside down. He's fallen in love...with another guy?
      There's gotta be more to it than that! Yamazaki is sure that Satou's a girl,
      but can he prove it, or will he just declare his love


      Hen Vols 2 & 4
      by Hiroya Oku, Jump Comics

      Sexy Chizuru is a model, popular with other girls and very popular
      with the boys. Inexplicably, she finds herself obssessed with the
      girl next door - literally. Is this love? If so, she thinks it's
      very strange. This manga is funny and touching in turns, and all
      about love - even if it's a strange love.


      Koibito Play
      by Tamoki Benkyo (Up's Kodansha)
      A young man finds love in a very odd place, with an odd girl with a
      violent past. This manga contains adult situations and sexual
      situations, but is, after all, a love story.
      (BDSM scenes and lesbian sex make this manga an interesting read.)


      Ikiteru Futari, Vols 1 & 3
      by Takashi Sano (Young King Comics)

      Kaede is in love with Alice, but he's a normal, hot-blooded young
      guy. There an awful lot of other attractive girls in the school.
      Alice has her own ideas about how their relationship should go.
      (This is a pretty ecchi series, lots of fanservice and quite a lot
      of yuri, including the usual lesbian best friend.)


      Bid early, bid often...

      YuriCon 2002 http://www.yuricon.org
      June 13-15 2003, Newark NJ

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