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CNAnime/Geek Week report

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  • Kathryn Williams
    Seeing that Erica-kun sent her report I guess I d better get mine in too. Let me begin by saying I will never *NEVER* allow myself to be schduled fro a 8 day
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2002
      Seeing that Erica-kun sent her report I guess I'd better get mine in too.
      Let me begin by saying I will never *NEVER* allow myself to be schduled fro
      a 8 day straight signing ever again. (someoone shot me if I even consider
      doing something so silly ever again, k?)

      (sorry for the typos I'm still half asleep and all that...)

      As you can guess I'm a bit dead after all the fun of the last week.
      Everything was going smoothly for once. My assistant arrived a day early,
      The print shop was on time, I got to the con with no problems and only 5
      minutes after 11 am just like I planned. Right then and there should have
      told me that things were going to go wrong.. Horribly wrong. First off never
      try to deal with a Homophobic Con chair. I met the conchair at Toronto Trek
      and knew things were not going to be good the second I turned my back on the
      guy. Turns out CNA is not doing to good. The con (sorry I mean "Expo") was
      moved to a smaller part of the building (which was odd seeing as they told
      me they were growing)

      Anyway I got my paper work and entered the room in search of my table. I
      counted the tables twice and noticed that mine wasn't there. Hell a whole
      line of tables was missing. I dropped my things to find out what was going
      on. Turns out my table was not set up because they were letting cars through
      the area. What Cars?!?! This is a first (to give you an idea of what was
      going on, Usually the con was in the middle of a huge expo hall and the cars
      parked in the main bay and unloaded there but this year we were in the
      loading bay.. The loading bay???) Needless to say I was not pleased so I
      demanded someone get my table set up. Soon after the Con chair shows up to
      tell me I was not allowed to set up until everyone else was finished and all
      the cars were gone. When I asked when that would be I was told "Oh, About 30
      minutes before we let people in" and he walked off. I stormed off in a huff
      not happy with the treatment I was getting. Some of the other artist from
      the last year also spoke their disapproval.

      So for the next 6 hours I sat around chatting with other artist. Feilding a
      string of questions about what one is to do at their first con, How to sell,
      Promoting oneself and a million other things that I can't remember. (When it
      comes to cons like this one it is very rare to see someone survive for more
      then 2 years and this was my 5th so many look up to me even though I tell
      them I have no clue what I'm doing LOL) I looked at profolio after profolio
      until finally my close friend and sister, Svetlana, showed up. She has come
      along way from the shy little russian that use to hide behind my table. I
      was so happy to hear that she wanted to run her own table instead of hiding
      behind me. It is like my little sis is all grown up now *sobs* Svet watched
      my things while I chatted with Roit Ink about this, that and Yuricon >^_^<.
      Turns out she two was placed int eh same row as me and not allowed to set
      up. Then The Unperdictable Fish Crew showed up (if you don't know who these
      people are yet, then you will very soon) They too were made to wait for we
      were all line up together. I was kind of happy because this ment I would be
      able to finally spend some time with them (I met the crew during last CN and
      they were big fans of my work and now they were a publishing company that is
      growing fater then anything I've ever seen) If you are interested in super
      sugary sweet Manga then check out there site at www.dragon-mango.com

      Since there was still time I ran off to find the Daimond table (last year I
      was begged to submit my manga to Daimond distributing... long story) The
      guys remembered me and were sorry to hear I was turned down (what do you
      expect when you are dealing with Lesbian child abuse and rape survivor
      stories) I was asked if I'd be at the industry night dinner but I turned
      down the tickets (anotehr fun problem with CN, they stated in everyones
      contract that they get these dinner ticket which cost $20 but in truth only
      a select few get tickets... boy were the other artist angery)

      Finally I made my way down to the bandai booth where I ran into the rep and
      we talked about AN and how much fun Scott McNeil can be (when he is away
      from screaming fangirls that is) Finally after much searching I found teh
      CPM Booth. It was hidden behind the Bandai booth in a corner. I had to stop
      and look around to make sure I was in the right place. I mean this was where
      the Slayers Artist and Kia were signing so why was it stuffed in a corner. I
      suddenly heard my self yell "What the Hell is CPM doing in a corner!!!" The
      rep looks up at me and said "You tell them.. I can't believe the way we are
      being treated." I gave him a thank you to give to the rest of CPM for
      picking up the licence for Alien 9 and when he asked who I was he just
      blinked then pointed at me. "You wrote the bit review about Alien 9 didn't
      you!" I was kind of shocked because most remember my manga and how strange I
      can be but this is the first the mentioned my reviews (hell I've only got a
      coupe on my site) He told me that most of the CPM Staff read that review and
      he thanked me for writing it. Afte talking about Alien 9 longer I hopped
      away happy... that is until the con began.

      The rest of the weekend was boring as hell. Nothing interesting really
      happened for the most part and it was slow. Sunday was the worse as people
      began packing up at 3 pm when the place doesn't close until 6 pm. The best
      thing was I was interviewed by Much Music again and they filmed me standing
      in front of a big Yuricon banner and t shirts behind me. I have to find out
      if the interview ever got aired (I'm not placing my bets at all)

      I got home late sunday and was bushed. Happy that I would have one day of
      rest until I have to run off to Geek Week... WRONG! I got a call telling me
      that set up was from Noon - 6 pm on Monday. So with little sleep I was
      shoving all my things into a cab and rushed off to St. Lawrance Market
      place. This turned out to be a nightmare because not only hadn't anyone
      there ever put together something like this but I was the only one who knew
      much of anything about Anime. Turns out they were depending on me to come up
      with everything and plann everything when it came to the Anime part of the
      week. Good thing I have friends all around and a large Anime Collection. One
      of my freinds were already converting some of my AVI Fansubs to VHS (we
      couldn't play any licenced Material at all)

      While waiting around for Drew to deliever some stuff I'd forgot at home I
      had to listen to person after person tell me that I ripped off Sailor Moon
      or Pokeman or some other Anime that they saw on TV. After expalining to many
      of the staff that it was a art style I finally decided that I was going to
      bring a pile of Manga and Magizines so I could show people the difference
      instead of just talking in circles. So in the morning the Anime North Booth
      was transformed into the "Anime Cultureization Center" Oddly enough this
      turned out to be a good idea because whenever any asked what Anime was I
      just had to [ull them over to the AN table and show them *grins* I was happy
      to see that the unperdictable Fish and The Black Bastard (some might
      remember me mentioning him from last year.) I thought that this might turn
      out after all. Sadly no matter how much they tried to promote or advertise
      (7 news paper interview and 3 tv appearances) nothing seemed to draw people
      in. It was almost a ghost town most of the time. The Anime room was filled
      with the most people all week long and there was only 8 in total near the
      end of the night (thank you those who did show your support >^_^<) mind you,
      I did met quite a few Yuricon members there (I know who you are so you can
      stop lurking at anytime you know)

      Seeing at Geek Week was run by a noon profit orginization and pulled
      together in little until 2 months it is a suprise that they even filled the
      market with as many dealers as they did. Friday was the only day that I
      actually saw sales as peole finally began to fill the place. The most fun I
      had was on Thursday when I met a really cute TV crew. A group of young girls
      (about early 20's) were filming some new TV show that they wanted to sell to
      Global or MTV. Anyways I was warned that the Hostess was rather.. racy.. on
      camera. The Producer didn't want to hurt my feelings so perpared me for what
      might come. What ended up happening shocked teh group as I shurged off all
      the host remarks here is how part of it went.

      Hostess looks at my art "What do you do?"
      Me "I support spreading awarness of Rape and Abuse Survivors through Art and
      Hostess: "Oh.. Umm.. That is .. deep."

      Hard to take aprt someone who is so serious about her work. But the most fun
      was talking about Yuricon in which at the ending I gave her one of the t
      shirts. She held up the shirt to the camera and made a comment about wearing
      it while sleeping with her boy friend, then turned to the cute red head
      Producer asking for her Purse so she could give me a gift and I could not
      pass up the opertunity.

      Me "I'll take her! She is cute and I like Red heads" Smiles
      Hostess spins around with a look on her face that I hope the camera caught
      "What am I chopped liver?!?"
      Me "Nah... I just like red heads and Asians so you don't count." Smiles more
      The camera girl and producer finally could not keep from laughing.

      Later I was taking to the Producer while the Hostess was interviewing a
      rather nervous con chair (found out later she was really cutting into him
      and making fun of the guy for being such a Geek) I told the Producer that I
      felt like running up behind her and giving her a hug while she was
      interviewing someone. The Producer got excited and told me to do it. So I
      waited until no was was ready and she was interview someone else then snuck
      up behind the girl and grabbed her around the waist and started running of
      with the host yelling "Look what I found! Look what I found!" I never knew
      someone could scream like that, and she was told that I was going to do it
      too. Turns out I still don't make any noise and she was expecting me to show
      up later. I also found out that just before she did that she had said "I
      just met a Black bastard and a Stupid little Geek Dyke" While everyone was
      angery at the hostess I was having to much fun. The crew is actuallly really
      nice off camera. Being able to runn off with a cute hostess on camera made
      my week.

      To end my week of insanity I bought the complete DVD colection of Galaxy
      Fraulin Yuna (ep one has to be the silliest Yuri Anime I've seen) , More
      Toner and a DVD Rom. Now I'md sold out of all my books, Need more sleep and
      am generally beat. All in all this has to be the worse Con week I've ever
      had. Glad Erica-kun did better then I did.


    • Jared Stricof
      Ouch!!!! THat sounds like quite the painful week. Welcome back to the land of the living. Wow, I m suprised you haven t collapsed yet, I know I d be dead after
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 3, 2002

        Ouch!!!! THat sounds like quite the painful week. Welcome back to the land of the living. Wow, I'm suprised you haven't collapsed yet, I know I'd be dead after a week like that. Remind me never to complain about my schedule again, its so much nicer than that. Now all I can complain about is the temperature (pouts).



         Kathryn Williams wrote:

        Seeing that Erica-kun sent her report I guess I'd better get mine in too.
        Let me begin by saying I will never *NEVER* allow myself to be schduled fro
        a 8 day straight signing ever again. (someoone shot me if I even consider
        doing something so silly ever again, k?)

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