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New flesh and a call for some volunteers ^-^

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  • Tsukiyono Omi
    Konnichiwa! Omichan desuu! ^__^ Erm...yesh....yuri....*-* Beh! Intros later, help now. .
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2002
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      Konnichiwa! Omichan desuu! ^__^

      Beh! Intros later, help now. >.< Anyone interested in helping/volunteering for Yuricon? The Entertainment staff needs a bit of help...or, rather, I do. We need volunteers to, erm, sell themselves, in a way. ^^;

      Before you run away thinking 'ew, I dont wanna whore myself out!'...

      We will be holding a Slave Auction (most likely on Friday night) for a bit of money. Half to help pay for the con, half for a womens charity. ^^ (cause we like to help people)

      If you just happened to be at the yaoi party at A-kon this last year you'll know what Im talking about. For those of you who werent (that would be most, ne?) heres a bit of how it goes:

      We start off at..well, its a regular auction. o.O But with people rather than money. Whoever wins the 'slave' will have them for the entire weekend to do with whatever they please--within reasonable limits. Including having them carry your stuff, making sure that your dress doesnt get snagged, (cause we know there will be millions of Utenas ^.~) erm...all kinds of stuff. Mind, these ARENT sex slaves...unless its consentual. (were all adults here!)

      Depending on how many people volunteer..well, that determines everything, really. ^^;

      More details will come up after we get people started volunteering. ^^: So come on, ladies and laddies! >.< We need you!

      Rather than mailing the list, send a direct email to me <freesia_kitten@...> so that I can keep up. ^^

      Heee~~ much love to everyone~
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