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  • Eleanor Stevens
    ... S I believe i do .
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 27, 2002
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      --- dziwozony <dziwozony@...> wrote:
      > --- In Yuricon@y..., Eleanor Stevens
      > <captaintita@y...> wrote:
      > > Unfortunatly I'm in Caid, and <.< eh i don't
      > usually
      > > attend wars. Too much Funky. And too many horror
      > > storys ^.~ maybe one of these Days I'll Split SCA
      > with
      > > Anime evenly i can attend more stuff ^.^.
      > The core member of our camp is in Caid (d'you know
      > Kithyra? she's,
      > like, a bard-type person who does a late Roman
      > persona... fairly
      > stand-out-ish, which is the only reason I ask). :)

      I believe i do >.<! ::is avoiding all the bards and
      heralds at the moment:: I was supposed to be the
      Herald for my area <.< and i got distracted by a girl
      so no ones heard from me for like 3 months ^.^** I
      can't help it she makes me crazy ^.^*** Ahh well I
      plan to make a comeback My mother enjoys me in the SCA
      more than in my anime club.

      > Ah, well. You give me hope that perhaps there's
      > some other Yuriconner
      > out there who's into SCA and attends War. :} Or
      > else I'll just have
      > to wait until Yuricon to meet most people. *sigh*

      We exsist. We are just Rare ^.~


      "It's Showtime!"-Tita (Plastic Little the Adventures of Captain Tita)


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