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Yaoi-Con Guest & Event Update

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  • peatian
    [Posted With Permission From List Owner] ... Yaoi-Con 2002 http://www.yaoicon.com ... Plans are well underway for this year s Yaoi-Con, the only Western
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2002
      [Posted With Permission From List Owner]

      Yaoi-Con 2002

      Plans are well underway for this year's Yaoi-Con, the only Western
      convention dedicated to the yaoi genre of anime and manga. Yaoi-Con
      2002 will
      be the weekend of October 18- 20, 2002, in San Francisco, CA.


      Nitta Youka

      Nitta Youka (pronounced neet-ta yuu-ka) is one of the most popular
      yaoi mangaka in Japan today. Proof? Her doujinshi have been known to
      fetch over $100 on Yahoo Japan. A doujinshika turned pro, she's most
      famous for her Haru wo Daiteita (He Hagged Hooker) series, about two
      actors, and the When a Man Loves a Man series. Both of these have
      several tankoubon issued and are still going strong in the pages of
      BeBoy Gold and Comic Hanato. Nitta is known for her detailed,
      intricate style as well as her tall and gorgeous men. Her works deal
      with very 'adult' themes of conflict and jealousy, with largely
      adult characters, which gives them a broad-based and cross-
      generational appeal. Her fans range from teenagers to middle aged
      women with teenaged kids of their own.

      Patrick Drazen

      Patrick Drazen holds a Master of Arts in Communications, and has had
      a diverse career history. His main interest for years, though, has
      been Japanese history and culture, including its pop culture. He's
      given lectures on manga and
      anime at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the University of
      Chicago, and most recently at Anime Central 2002, near his home city
      of Chicago. In his Anime Central presentation, entitled, "Mukashi
      Mukashi (Once Upon a Time)," he discussed anime's use of traditional
      Japanese legends and folktales in works ranging from "Nausicaa of
      the Valley of the Winds" to "Cowboy Bebop."

      We are very pleased to welcome both Nitta-sensei and Patrick to Yaoi-
      Con 2002. More guests are on the way, so please refer to our web
      site for the latest update.


      Music Video Contest Have an eye for direction and an ear for
      music ... or perhaps just a love of pretty boys on film? Then why
      not try your hand at making your own music video? This year's video
      theme is "Friendship Eternal," celebrating the bonds of friendship
      between your favorite male anime characters.

      Fiction Contest
      We will once again have a fan fiction contest, giving attendees a
      chance to put pen to paper to write about their favourite series and
      pairings. We'll accept both new and previously written stories, so
      long as they fall into one of our
      judging categories: shounen-ai and yaoi.

      Love to dress up and show off your sewing and accessorizing skills?
      This year Yaoi-Con will feature two contests for cosplay
      enthusiasts: a casual hall contest and Saturday night's "Bishounen"-
      themed stage fashion show.

      Anime Pictionary ChallengeHone your speed-drawing skills, grab your
      friends and brush up on your anime trivia! Inspired by the game
      Pictionary, we'll be pitting teams of fans against one another --
      and the clock -- as they try to come up with the right
      anime characters and titles for fun prizes.

      For details and rules for each of our contests, please visit our web


      Doujinshi Showcase Table
      In the Art Show room this year we'll have a special table set aside
      just for doujinshi artists to display and sell their personal
      doujinshi. Can't make it to the con, but still want your work to be
      seen? This table's perfect for you.

      Doujinshi Exchange
      Pick up something in the Dealers' Room that just isn't quite your
      thing? Have some old doujinshi from fandoms past strewn around the
      house? Bring them along with you to the con and swap with other
      attendees for that perfect
      volume of manga or hard-to-find doujinshi.

      Bishounen Auction
      If you ever wanted a real live bishounen of your very own -- even if
      just for a few hours -- then this auction's right up your alley!
      We'll be corralling a harem of lovely young men from the con to
      auction off to the highest bidders at
      this exciting event. So come prepared to ante up and squire your
      bishie prize around the public areas of the con for a few hours!


      After hosting a wildly successful party called "The Revenge of the
      Return of the Night of Bishounen Pleasure!" at Fanime Con '02, we'll
      next be at Recca Con, June 8-9 in Pittsburg, California, where we
      hope to sponsor yaoi-themed panels and videos.

      We're also trying to have staff at Akon 13, Anime Expo, World Con
      (Conjose), Nan Desu Kan, and the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
      so be on the lookout for us if you're in the neighborhood.


      Our block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, set in the
      heart of San Francisco, is filling up fast! You can make
      reservations by calling the hotel directly at:

      1-415-441-4000 or 1-800-465-4329

      Be sure to mention "Yaoi-Con," "Y-Con," or "Aestheticism" to get the
      special con rate:

      $110 per night: single and double occupancy
      $125 per night: triple occupancy
      $140 per night: quadruple occupancy


      Registration is now open. Pre-reg now and be eligible for exclusive
      Yaoi-Con gifts!

      Membership Fees:

      $50 ~ Until September 18, 2002
      $60 ~ At the Door

      Enjoy the convenience of online registration by visiting our Web
      site today for rates, payment methods and more!
      Due to the mature nature of Yaoi-Con's subject matter, attendees
      must be 18 years old by October 18, 2002. Registrants will be
      required to provide proof of age, both with their registration and
      at the door of the event.


      For more information about Yaoi-Con, the yaoi genre, and our
      programming, please visit http://www.yaoicon.com

      Public Relations
      Yaoi-Con 2002
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