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Re: A long, tedious introduction

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  • distantskyking
    ... *technically* ... is to not ... I was ... the ones ... impressed with ... oh yeah. ... (don t ... yeah, ... lifestyle, I find ;p ... little slow ... Hell,
    Message 1 of 91 , Jun 1, 2002
      --- In Yuricon@y..., tasukibeth@c... wrote:
      > > *grins* Hey, I'm the Yuricon chibi lesbian catgirl mascot, and
      > > I'm bisexual too. ;p (Hell, I have a boyfriend... >.>;) The trick
      is to not
      > > let the fanboys know this ;)
      > >
      > OMG, that story Vera told about misleading those poor, drunken men--
      I was
      > laughing my ass off! And luckily I don't know too many fanboys, and
      the ones
      > I *do* know tend to be femmier than I am and not particularly
      impressed with
      > the circles I hang with.
      > > I do it all the time, don't be embarrassed ;p um, what else...
      oh yeah.
      > > Knowledge of the anime everyone *else* has seen is not mandatory
      > > worry... we can be unknowledgeable about Noir together. ^~;;) So,
      > > have fun being non-lurker-y ^-^ It's a much more active
      lifestyle, I find ;p
      > >
      > > -Alex
      > >
      > I really want to give Noir a chance, but the first episode was a
      little slow
      > moving...I just didn't feel inspired to watch more. BUT I WILL!
      Hell, it
      > years of nagging to finally get me to see Evangelion, but now that
      I am, and
      > am glad I did.

      Ah, yes. EVA is life. EVA is death (and rebirth). EVA is...well,
      EVERYTHING, as far as I'm concerned. It's the one series that I
      actually buy into the whole merchandising bit. All told, including
      my videos, DVD singles, DVD box sets (domestic and Japanese), 8
      different copies each of EoE and D&R (all different
      formats/publications...just recently bought the French Manga
      release...ask me sometime about how shady that deal was), toys,
      patches, books, programs, models, cosplaying, etc., I've probably
      spent over $3000. You've definitely landed yourself in an anime with
      a LOT of potential for obsession. ^^;


      Anyway, welcome aboard, fellow person-who-lives-in-Silicon-Valley.
      Are you misplaced? Do you hate it? Argh, California sucks.

    • Dana G.
      lol, well I m in California, so it d be a bit of a trip. Actually, though, my family used to go to Maine every summer and I loved it, so I ll probably end up
      Message 91 of 91 , Jun 10, 2002
        lol, well I'm in California, so it'd be a bit of a trip. Actually,
        though, my family used to go to Maine every summer and I loved it,
        so I'll probably end up going to college some where in New England.
        My uncle lives in Vermont, so I've been looking at a lot of schools

        n" you should really check it out. new england is great. i love it to death
        (well, almost...). it's a tid bit cold and the winters can be harsh, but i
        figure if i can survive the winters with my near-constant attacks of
        raynaud's disease, than anybody can. besides, it rocks. people tend to be
        nice and it's oh so pretty. *rants and raves incoherently for about an hour


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