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  • distantskyking
    ... had to run ... american ... Yeah. It was pretty much this: Me: Hi. I m Vera. I m on the Yuricon ML. Kat: I m Kat. I have to go. Me: Have fun.
    Message 1 of 93 , May 29, 2002
      --- In Yuricon@y..., "Kathryn Williams" <neko_haruka@s...> wrote:
      > I remember both of you, Vera talked with me for a second before I
      had to run
      > to a pnel or something. and Byakko was trying to kill me for my
      > jokes >^_^<

      Yeah. It was pretty much this:

      Me: "Hi. I'm Vera. I'm on the Yuricon ML."

      Kat: "I'm Kat. I have to go."

      Me: "Have fun."

      Kat: "Bye!"

    • Royi Eltink
      ... kay, I think it s Fatima (fa [character fâ , short a] - tee [character thâ with hamza accent ontop of the character] - ma [character
      Message 93 of 93 , Jun 9, 2002
        > I'm sorry, I don't go around talking in third person.. :P I don't
        > know how I pronounce my name. Sometimes, people ask me my name,
        and I
        > refuse to answer and just look at them blankly...
        > Most
        people call me fatti. Or immo (eye-moe/im-mo/whatever). I answer to
        fatti and my chinese name the most.
        I think it's Fatima (fa [character 'fâ', short a] - tee [character 'thâ' with 'hamza' accent ontop of the character] - ma [character 'mhîm' with 'â' accent ontop of the character]) in plain Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic, Qurayish Arabic, Sunni Arabic whatever you call it).. And Fatama in Persian (like Shia (Shiyitish) Iran) dialect.. The Sufi use often some dialect wich is called 'Kuffic' wich is a native language with some old-Arabic words written in a kalligraphy-like style of Arabic. Examples of those can be found in the Balkan and the Turkish provinces in China.
        In Hebrew, 'Fatima' will probably wrote the same way as the Arabic, only the accents are under the words and ... blablabla I will have a pic attached to this mail.
        I'm not a linguist, but its interesting anyway...
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