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Re: Fanime meeting

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  • distantskyking
    ... little at the ... looking for ... most of ... area ... Well, damn him to . I wasn t looking for the clothes
    Message 1 of 13 , May 1, 2002
      --- In Yuricon@y..., "kage shinrou" <nineofnine@h...> wrote:
      > Actually, he was there all weekend. I got to dance with him a
      little at the
      > Friday night dance. He went low key this year, so if you were
      looking for
      > an outrageously dressed guy, you would have missed him. He spent
      most of
      > Saturday afternoon chatting with a Wakaba cosplayer in the sitting
      > upstairs. Sunday he wasn't around much.

      Well, damn him to <insert preferred religious punishment here>. I
      wasn't looking for the clothes more than I was looking for the hair.
      At Otakon a couple years back he was pretty casually dressed, too:
      Hawaiian shirt, wifebeater, and cargo pants. Ah well.

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