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Kaguya-hime update

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  • atheniag
    Well, last night we went on a Manga spree and spent a tremendous amount of money on speculative manga mining as in, Ooh! That cover looks interesting, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2002
      Well, last night we went on a Manga spree and spent a tremendous amount of money on "speculative manga mining" as in, "Ooh! That cover looks interesting, I wonder how it is?"

      But that wasn't why we were there - we were there trying to fill in my missing issue of Kaguya-hime, since I've been on a run and reading it like crazy.

      Positives: It's so utterly creepy and violent that I can't fail to like it alot. LOTS of same sex attraction and the ocassional kiss, usually played very seriously, every once in a while played for a laugh or a shock. (Like poor Don Bellamy and his crush on Julian - who is now the Prince of England. How bizarre does that sound? LOL) But not usually. If anything, sexual attraction in this series is handled pretty maturely, I think.

      Akira, our heroine, does get a very sexy scene with her female martial arts instructor (I totally approve of this, btw - being a female martial arts instructor and all, LOL) who then, by the laws of such things must die shortly thereafter. LOL I mean, we all know she'd end up with Yui, if he were human, but let's have a vote - how many of us thing that this series will end happily? No hands. LOL

      Negatives: Mutated babies. That really skeeves me. I can handle the deadly mold, and the blood everywhere, and utterly bizarre storyline that includes all of our good guy squad being killed, and their body parts being used in other people's bodies (the Hontai, or "real bodies") and then taking over their minds until they think of themselves *as* the donors...okay, it's really complicated, but cool...but the mutated babies just gagged me.

      This is NOT a manga for everyone, as I keep saying. If you're into warm fuzzies, this ain't the manga for you. but damn! It's SO cool. LOL I can't wait for vol. 19!

      More women of the noble house throwing themselves at Akira! More! :-)



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