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Re: [Yuricon] Kissing Jessica Stein- Yuri?

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  • Zephyr Sky
    i plan on seeing it tomorrow (it s in theatres) so i ll post a review after ^_^ and yeah, it won some awards for something or other.. O_o -Zeph ^_^ ... From:
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 28, 2002
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      i plan on seeing it tomorrow (it's in theatres) so i'll post a review after ^_^ and yeah, it won some awards for something or other.. O_o

      -Zeph ^_^
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      From: "Dana G."
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      Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Kissing Jessica Stein- Yuri?
      Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:03:10 -0500
      oh yeah. i was checking up on that. not sure how i stumbled upon it though.
      anyway, it came out on march 23 (i think), but i'm not sure if that meant it
      came out in theaters or on video. i read some really good reviews to it and
      i personally plan on seeing it. i think it also won some film festival
      award, too, but i'm not sure on that either. i'm kind of scatter-brained at
      the moment. anyway, i hope this wasn't random and a waste of inbox space.
      nebula, saunting back to lurkdom
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      From: "Zephyr Sky"
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      Subject: [Yuricon] Kissing Jessica Stein- Yuri?
      Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:53:41 -0500
      I saw the ad for Kissing Jessica Stein, and at first it seemed completely
      the run-of-the-mill romantic comedy...until i noticed the line "When it
      comes to love she just can't think straight" and the fact that she was
      surrounded by women. intrigued, i found the official site and downloaded the
      trailer, which tells of a girl who couldn't find a guy for her and ended up
      becoming a lesbian... and then she has troubles because an old bf is showing
      interest in her.... aaanyway, i thought i should mention it for yuri
      potential, and i also wanted to ask if anyone had seen it and had anything
      in the way of critique to say.....
      -Zeph ^_^
      who desperately hopes it isn't one of those movies where the girl gets the
      guy (like in Chasing Amy, where she ends up with a chick again! ^_^)
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