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Yaoi-Con Deals Fans In on Limited Dealers' Room Space

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  • peatian
    [Posted With Permission From List Owner] ... Yaoi-Con 2002 http://www.yaoicon.com ... Looking for a way to increase your anime club s membership? Display your
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      [Posted With Permission From List Owner]

      Yaoi-Con 2002

      Looking for a way to increase your anime club's membership? Display
      your circle's doujin? Get your `zine seen? Yaoi-Con can provide you
      with the perfect setting for you to fan the flames of fandom at a
      limited-time discount!

      Yaoi-Con, the first and only U.S. convention dedicated to the yaoi
      and shounen-ai genre of Japanese manga and anime, has a limited
      amount of tables available in this ever-popular venue, presenting you
      with a great opportunity to have your work or club promoted in a high-
      traffic forum.

      ** Reserve your table before June 15 and save $25! **

      Pricing for Dealer Tables:
      $175 for first table/$150 for each additional table until June 15,
      $200 for first table/$175 for each additional table from June 16
      until September 15, 2002

      Aside from the high-visibility your club or fanwork will receive
      among fellow fans and industry luminaries alike, you'll also receive
      two FREE Dealers' badges for every table you purchase. These badges
      give you access to both the Dealers' Room and the convention at
      large. When not manning your table, take part in all the events,
      panels and workshops Yaoi-Con has to offer! For more information
      about Dealers Room participation, visit:

      * NOTE: The sale of commercially licensed and/or mass-produced items
      requires a California State Sales Permit:



      There's still time to save on Yaoi-Con full weekend passes, but you
      have to act fast. Now until April 30, weekend registration is only
      $40 - a $20 discount over the at-the-door price! But on May 1,
      rates rise to $50, which lasts only until Sept. 18. Then rates climb
      once more to the $60 at-the-door price. For complete information
      about online and US mail-in registration procedures and guidelines,
      visit: http://www.yaoicon.com/registration.htm

      * NOTE: Yaoi-Con is an event for fans who are 18+. All registrants
      are required to show Proof of Age at the time of registration and at
      the door.



      Imagine our delight at opening up the current issue of BexBoy -- a
      popular Japanese yaoi/shounen-ai magazine -- to discover a wonderful
      Yaoi-Con 2001 report by last year's Guest of Honor, Higuri You!
      Rendered in doujinshi/free-talk form, Higuri-sensei points out some
      of the highs and lows of her time with us last fall. She seems to
      have been rather taken by the dealers' room, the cosplayers, and
      definitely by the seme/uke t-shirts (we think she was impressed with
      the sales-catboy =^.^=). Scans are available at the Aestheticism.com
      fanzine Web site:

      They're hoping to have translations very soon, so check back often!



      Even if you can't join us in October, you can still show your support
      of Yaoi-Con and the yaoi/shounen-ai genre by posting one of our many
      banners and buttons on your website. Pick and choose from eight
      different sizes and designs!


      Visit http://www.yaoicon.com for complete details about the second
      annual Yaoi-Con event, held Oct. 18-20 in San Francisco, CA. Thanks
      again for your support of the yaoi and shounen-ai genre, and we hope
      to see you in October!


      Aki (Autumn)
      PR Representative
      Yaoi-Con, Oct. 18-20
      San Francisco, CA
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