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Re: [Yuricon] Sketches of Chicks with Weapons

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  • Carmen DiProspero
    ... Sounds like a cool idea to me! It may work. Looking foward to the final results. - Carmen ^_^ ... __________________________________________________ Do You
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 27, 2002
      --- Kathryn Williams <neko_haruka@...> wrote:
      > > Loved the 2 sketches! I thought they were very
      > well
      > > drawn. Any chance of the two chars together in one
      > > sketch. Just a thought. - Carmen ^_^
      > Actually the idea I have is this, You might notice
      > if you place Neko on the
      > right and Alyson on the Left the two halves of their
      > faces form one. The
      > idea is that I'm setting up a bunch of these images
      > pairing off the girls
      > with the ones they love or the fans think look good
      > together (eg. Jenn and
      > Kima are dating but Kurisu loves Jenn and the fans
      > seem to think those two
      > are perfect together) It is strange while I was
      > setting up these images I
      > discovered that there are 3 girls who each have 3
      > girls battling for their
      > hearts so there are only 3 girls on the left hand
      > side and 7 on the right..
      > weird. Basically this is what the pairing currently
      > looks like.
      > Tell me if this makes any sence at all or if I'm
      > just babbing insanly. I'm
      > realy excited about this project.

      Sounds like a cool idea to me! It may work. Looking
      foward to the final results. - Carmen ^_^

      > You know thinking about it I only have one image
      > with Neko and Alyson
      > together. They are just to tough to show each toher
      > teir feelings so
      > creating a poster of the two together doing anything
      > but standing back to
      > back with weapon in hand seems alittle out of place
      > fo them.. *shurgs* I'll
      > figure one out sometime soon.. I hope.
      > Glad you enjoyed the piece
      > ja
      > Kat

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