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Re: Happy Groundhogs Day!

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  • katyae0211
    ... or not? ... I don t know about the groundhog. However, groundhog s day is based off of weather divination performed for Imbolc (also 2 Feb) in pre-
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2002
      --- In Yuricon@y..., Trixterpriest@a... wrote:
      > Happy little critter day ;p Anyone know if he saw his shadow today
      or not?
      > *does a little groundhog dance*
      > Kun
      > ----'-,-{@

      I don't know about the groundhog. However, groundhog's day is based
      off of weather divination performed for Imbolc (also 2 Feb) in pre-
      Christian Europe. Usually it simply was that if you had
      cloudy/stormy weather on Imbolc, spring was soon to come, but if it
      was a fair day, there would be 12 more snows before spring. In
      Central Europe, they modified this to include an animal, the
      hedgehog, in the weather divination. When German immigrants come to
      Pennsylvania (the "Pennsylvania Dutch"), they brought the tradition
      with them, but there were no hedgehogs in the "New World". They
      adapted the tradition to the native animal most resembling a
      hedgehog; the groundhog (or woodchuck).

      Divination was practiced on all of the cross-quarter days in pre-
      Christian Europe, and weather divination was associated with Imbolc
      because the people wanted to know when winter would be ending, and
      the planting season could begin.

      Sorry about getting to off-topic. Just had to share the things that
      I learned yesterday. :)

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