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Re: The List Adventures Of Amanda Dare

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  • vampyre_boi
    Of course, while I intend to do the first four novels written first(FOUR AGAINST EVIL, THE CRIME KINGDOM, THE SKY PIRATES, THE LOST EMPIRE)this doesn t mean I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 27, 2002
      Of course, while I intend to do the first four novels written
      THE LOST EMPIRE)this doesn't mean I may be sticking to the
      entire schedule of 182 novels in order from '34 to '49...I
      have two spinoffs as well.

      THE ADVENTURES OF JO AND HARRY are shorter novellas starring
      Amanda's crew members Jo Doyle and Harry Fortune several
      years before meeting Amanda. Jo and Harry are loveable
      con-artists and adventurers operating out of French
      Martinique but sometimes world-travelling as needs be.
      If you liked TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY, you'll LOVE these

      THE RETURN OF AMANDA DARE goes way beyond the pulp era's
      demise in 1949. Returning from a self-enforced exile from
      civilization, Amanda faces new challenges and dangers in
      the years 1999 to present. How can she (and her crew) still
      be alive and youthful fifty years after disbanding? Read
      the files(when posted)! ;)

      I have this series all thought out, with a fictional
      publishing history and other things to make it seem like
      a real pulp reprint from something that actually happened
      back in the good ol' days!(Avenue & Jones Publications, for
      example, is a tip of the fedora to Street & Smith, the
      firm that published actual pulps like DOC SAVAGE, THE
      SHADOW, THE SPIDER, etc. The "actual" author, CJ Nicastro,
      is really my birth name--which I loathe, call me Sebby or
      Sebastian, PLEASE! :)--and his pen name, Doug Grant, aside
      from sounding appropriately "pulpy", is really another of
      my many pen names).


      In Yuricon@y..., "vampyre_boi" <vampyre_boi@y...> wrote:
      > Okay, peeps, your truly has risen <ahem> to the challenge...
      > I created a list to post chapters of my AMANDA DARE pulp
      > novels, at Amanda_Dare_Adventures@y... Anyone
      > wishing to see my works when I start posting can sign up. The
      > list will be in Newsletter format; I alone can post; you
      > can comment to me via email.
      > Now, don't all jump at once, expecting to start reading...I'm
      > notoriously slow in getting projects done, and actual chapters
      > won't start posting til early next month. This week, Goddess
      > Mariemaia willing, I'll start adding informational files,
      > so you can have everything you need to know about Amanda
      > before starting the series--char summaries, list of all 182
      > supersagas(like I said, of which four are written), etc.
      > I also would like any artists to contact me after I start
      > to post, as I would love to have Amanda artwork posted in
      > the files, and, if this thing proves successful, hell, maybe
      > I'll put up a website! After all, Arnold S. is coming out
      > with his new DOC SAVAGE film sometime this year, and I assume
      > LARA CROFT 2 is a go!
      > Hope to see y'all in the magic year of 1934 real soon now!
      > Sebby
      > Channeler of Amanda's adventures
      > Just a boi at heart...
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