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Re: [Yuricon] Re: So...FFX?

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  • Alex Picchetti
    ... No, admittedly. *l* I m too lazy for something like that ;) ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 26, 2002
      > <<Well, if you look close then
      >   <spoiler> does look like <spoiler>, the
      > faces are alike, just
      >   with red hair ;p>>
      >   *lol* Do you see [spoiler] more than once? Because the one time I've seen
      >   [spoiler], it was fairly briefly and from a weird angle... and *still* more
      >   like Wakka.

      >Yeah, but did you go back a save game for a second look? ;p
      No, admittedly. *l* I'm too lazy for something like that ;)


      >   *l* I'm actually enjoying the game quite thoroughly, besides the voices,
      >   which I don't mind skipping through. I don't even mind the non-leveling up
      >   (Jay: Sphere grid?! WTF?!), and the switching in and out of people is great.
      >   ^^

      <<I would have to agree, despite being every anime fan's worse nightmare, I love the game too ;p The switching is great and I like the sphere grid thingy ;) I've got everybody moving around learning everybody else's moves =^.^=>>
      *giggles* Currently the only one I really have out of "their" space is Kimarhi, who is learning black magic ^_~ It would be *really* amusing if he started spouting Lulu lines...
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