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Re: [Yuricon] Secret Recipe.

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  • Kumiko Yamazaki
    This just answered my question in the previous email. *^^* Sorry. ... -- ============================= She s so many women He can t find the one who was his
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      This just answered my question in the previous email. *^^* Sorry.

      On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:27 AM, Erica Friedman <alecto_fury@...> wrote:

      That is exactly what I feel about it. It's..okay.
      There seems to be no real plotline and Wakatsuki is hyper about all the wrong things - from my perspective, she's a bit wearing and Buchou is a bit clueless. I'm not compelled by the characters.
      Chances are, it'll be Seven Seas next acquisition (they were broadly hinting last week,but it's not a stretch if you pay the slightest attention to the fact that their recent relationship has been with Milk-sensei through KR comics.)  I'm not looking forward to it, particularly. I'd rather see Gakuen Polizi.

      Cheers, Erica

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      Subject: [Yuricon] Secret Recipe.

      So I stumbled on the French version of Secret Recipe by Morinaga Milk on Amazon.fr.

      I picked it up as I hadn't really heard much about it.

      I liked it in general, but the character of Wakatsuki got on my nerves a bit. She felt a little too over the top sometimes and a little too clueless at times.

      But in general not bad. I wouldn't call it her best work, but not bad.

      I'll probably buy volume 2 when it comes out, just to find out where it goes from here.

      Marc M.

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      "She's so many women 
      He can't find the one who was his friend 
      He's hanging on to half her heart 
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