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  • Delicious Vodka DeBlair
    At the moment, other than Bodacious Space Pirates , Kill Me Baby , Yuru Yuri 2 , and Queens Blade: Rebellion , there are a few other less known Yuri s
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      At the moment, other than "Bodacious Space Pirates", "Kill Me Baby", "Yuru Yuri 2", and "Queens Blade: Rebellion", there are a few other less known Yuri's either recently completed or being released currently: "Sengoku Collection (Parallel World Samurai)", "Saki: Episode of Side A", "Upotte", and "Jormungand" with "Miname-Ke 4" [comedic shadow-Yuri] and "Squid Girl 3" promising to launch soon.

      I'm watching "Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse" in hopes it will also be a Yuri, but hopes so far are pretty thin...

      And that's the report from the insatiable Yuri anime addict...

      Delicious Vodka DeBlair
      aka "Yuri Futanari"

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