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    Just for the sake of response to expectations that I should have a man in my life I m not so forceful, but I do get my point across:   Men just simply aren t
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      Just for the sake of response to expectations that I should have a man in my life I'm not so forceful, but I do get my point across:


      "Men just simply aren't that interesting!"




      "He wears his reproductive system on the outside, so he's simply not my type."


      These usually get a laugh, and then I don't hear any more on the subject.


      About determining the gender of the author, I rather think that it's beside the point.  If the story line is well constructed and sensitive to the intended audience it doesn't matter to me.  If the characterizations are all oppai and panties, then it's not likely intended for me, rather for those not very interesting people standing over there.  If it's about the connection and the relationship and the self discovery, I'm your audience.



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      > Is it just me? Or can one easily detect writings from male and or specifically "pro-hetero" minded authors? All this garbage about "Who's the guy and who's the girl in the relationship?" crap. I've literally heard it ALL my life.
      > My response has always been: "There are NEVER any men in my relationships: I'm lesbian!" which I normally say with enough force to not merely press the point clear but to terrify them into silence on the subject.
      > I get so pissed off how people stubbornly and closed mindedly INSIST there simply MUST be a male figure in ALL relationships. That there must be this overarching dominant male minded controlling factor. Its ludicrous and baseless as well as downright weak minded and ignorant.
      > So after reading the preview to that story, based on its plot, its just a world written where women are trying to re-form a man's world without men, written to please male readers.

      In this case, I think it's not targeted to male readers, but to female readers - specifically the straight readers who are the main audience for Eiki and Zaou's Boys Love series.

      This series has a plot that is specifically about destroying this kind of rigid two-gender society, so I think it's fair to say that it's not strictly male-identified. And the reading audience of Comic Yuri Hime, where it runs is, at last estimates, 70% female.

      I can sympathize with your frustration, I have a lot of the same frustration myself. But I would like to be hopeful that Eiki and Zaou are smart and talented enough - and are given the room by the editorial staff - to make a statement with the story.



      Nakamachi Charuko

      Mrs. Cheryl J.Mason-Middleton

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